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Technorati media allows ads in iframe

Yesterday I implemented technorati ads on our blog and found out that technorati ads are very slow to load (at least for me) . The page had to stop loading before the content of the ad loads completely and then the content was shown. This was really alarming for me as it took 5-6 seconds to load.

I contacted technorati media regarding the speed issue and they said they’ve never got any report like this before about ads serving slow.

It should be noted that the technorati media javascript for ads loads pretty fast, but the files called from the javascript file, i.e the ad image and all, they load slow.

I asked him if they have async code or allow position absolute with css while div being at the bottom of the page and they replied that:

  • no we don’t have async code – (bad :( )
  • we allow iframes
Now this is good at least! I’ve immediately converted the ads in header and sidebar to iframe based ad blocks. This way the total page load speed remains same though, but the page renders quickly while technorati media ads keep loading!

6 Responses to Technorati media allows ads in iframe

  1. Chandan Kumar Singh

    Good info…

    On a side note, it seems that you have got your Adsense back. Great.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      no its technorati ads. They aren’t entertaining our emails even.

  2. Zeeshan

    Nabeel, How’s Technocratimedia performing for you? I got approval from them but need some reviews before placing tags. Thanks!

    • Dr. Nabeel

      it’s not going good for me…! i’m planning to remove it

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