iPhone – Recovery Mode Loop on Restart – solution

Sometimes the iPhone keeps on going to the recovery mode every time we restart it, specially while trying to jailbreak it.

If while trying to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone and it refused to boot back into the normal mode and every time you restart it, it goes into the recovery mode, then follow this tutorial to bring it out of the recovery mode loop.

We use iRecovery to bring the iphone out of recovery mode loop. iRecovery is a libusb-based command line utility for Mac OSX, linux and windows. It communicates with the iBood/iBSSS in Apple iPhone / iPod touch via usb. You need to install libusb-win32 if you are on windows to run iRecovery.LibUsb-Win32 is a port of usb library libusb. The library allows access to any usb device on windows via user space applications.

Note: Before starting the process to stop recovery mode loop on your iPhone, download:

Package included iRecovery for Windows and Mac and LibUsb-Win32

Latest version of iRecovery for windows users

Once you have downloaded the files, proceed with following steps to bring your iPhone / iPod touch out of recovery mode loop by following these steps:

1. Install libusb from the downloaded package (windows only, mac users can skip this step) (for windows vista and windows 7 users, run this program in compatibility mode for windows xp sp2 and as an administrator)

2. Start iRecovery in Terminal / Console using iRecovery -s

3. Run the following commands on the terminal / command line:

setenv auto-boot true

4. Restart your iPhone and keep holding the home + power button for 10 seconds.

This will now bring your iPhone out of Recovery Mode Loop and iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch will pass the Apple logo this time.

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