How to rename a file in mac OS X

This tutorial explains how to rename a file in Mac OS X leopard (10.5) and snow leopard (10.6)

Users who are familiar with windows operating system try to find the rename option by right clicking the item they want to rename, which they don’t get in Mac OS X.

Then how to rename a file in mac os? well it’s pretty simple infact.

To rename a file in Mac OS X, you need to use the keyboard, not the mouse / track pad . . . not conventional right? yeah! not conventional for windows users, but quite commonly known by mac users though!

Follow these steps to rename a file in mac osx (leopard and snow leopard etc):

  • goto the folder where the file you want to rename is located
  • select the file
  • press the return / enter key on your keyboard (yes! . . .)
  • voila! the name of the file will become editable and you can simply rename it to whatever you want!
  • press enter again to apply the new name to the file.

You can rename the files using this way. However this way only works if you have opened the file int the finder (file browser for mac os x ) If you have opened the file browser else where , like while trying to upload any image to the website (facebook for example) you can’t rename the file like this, as pressing the enter, return key chooses the file, instead of giving you option to rename it.

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