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Unlock iphone 05.15.04 baseband

It’s now possible to unlock iPhone 05.15.04 baseband after the release of ultrasn0w 1.2 unlock for iOS 4.2.1 but with a tricky step.

This unlock works perfectly to unlock your iPhone with baseband 05.15.04 but with a different procedure which is bit tricky. If you want to be notified when the unlock for 4.2.1 directly without updating comes out subscribe our RSS feed , twitter or Facebook. You will get all the latest updates at all three the places.

To unlock your iPhone 3G / 3Gs with baseband 05.15.04 (iOS 4.2.1) you need to update your iPhone to iPad iOS 3.2.2 baseband 06.15.00 first. Click here to upgrade your iPhone baseband to 06.15.00 with PwnageTool or to upgrade iPhone baseband to 06.15.00 using redsn0w.

Once the firmware with baseband 05.15.04 has been upgraded to 06.15.00 baseband, you can unlock it by following the instructions at:
Unlock iPhone 3G, 3GS Baseband 05.14.02, 05.15.04, 06.15.00 with Ultrasn0w 1.2.

This will let you successfully unlock iPhone 05.15.04 baseband with iOS 4.2.1

15 Responses to Unlock iphone 05.15.04 baseband

  1. Fuck

    Is this your idea of a joke ? I have upgraded my iPhone thinking there would be no problem, because I read your headline saying ultrasn0w would unlock my BB 05.15.04.
    Upgrading and unlocking to 06.15 IS NOT THE SAME as unlocking 05.15.04, where would you even get this fucked-up idea ? Now I have a useless 3GS, thank you, *****.

    • Nabeel

      I apologize if you think I’m the reason why you got in trouble!

      but just a request, try reading a few lines of the page too next time.

    • nld

      indeed same prob here. dont want to upgrade to 06.15.00 because you can never downgrade from that and you can`t be sure that the next update will work! next to that apple can see you played with the firmware so you lose all warranty.

  2. Prashant

    i dont understand why do you guys blame every one on earth for your nonsense, read and then try. dont try and then read
    I did jailbreak mine with redsn0w but realise that i have to update to ipad bb so i stoped after JB.

  3. Hercules

    Hello world,
    Listen, unlocking 05.15.04 is not possible yet (I think you already understood that!), but you can upgrade 05.15.04 to 06.15.00 which you can unlock 100% (I hope this is clear enough).
    Using Redsn0w you can jailbreak tethered 4.2.1, or you can downgrade to 4.1 and jailbreak this one untethered.
    Then using Cydia, you install Ultrasn0w, which will unlock 06.15.00.
    Hope this will help!!!

  4. Volcano

    This worked for me guys!!!!
    Thank u VERYYYYYY MUCH :)

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that it worked!

  5. Qassim

    hey hi there!!!
    my brother brought an iphone 3g 16gb which had a firmware of 4.2.1, however due to its crawling speed, i downgraded it to 3.1.2, it has a firmware of 05.15.04, now the problem is i have jail broken it as well but cant unlock it… i did try from blackra1n, repo666 sumthing etc etc etc now i need a solution or a way out for it… i want to run 3.1.2 n need a jail break solution for this current firmware, what should be done???

    and yeah do tell me that is it possible that firmware is changed when we try to restore or downgrade iphone???

    • Nabeel

      firmware don’t change on roll back of the ios

      and you have an option to upgrade to ipad ios but not recommended. Instead wait a few weeks for the new unlock to arrive.


    Altough this works, you will upgrade to baseband 06.15.00 which is designed for the iPad, NOT the iPhone. It is likely you will lose GPS and your iPhone may become unstable. The worst part is that you won’t be able to downgrade ever and be stuck with always restoring to custom firmwares… I would suggest waiting a little longer and wait for another solution. Just a heads up.

  7. ci4ids

    I think the author of this post should try to write in a more “scientific” way instead of using such headlines to get more hits from the search engine.

    I am waiting for a way to unlock 05.15.04 or higher so I search for updates every now and then. It took me to read till HALF of your post to know that you are talking about the OLD KNOWN technique of using 06.15.00. Why not disclose this great secret in the first paragraph instead of wasting our time?

    Plus, I would not really call upgrading to 06.15.00 a “trick” it is more of f*cking up your phone since you cannot upgrade to the coming official versions (for now).

    • Nabeel

      So much worried about the (blogging) rules? then why don’t you follow the rules yourself and get it factory unlocked instead of this illegal unlocking? grow up!

  8. sahaya

    thank you. i too was worried about unlocking my phone. then i got a method to unlock my phone. the method is through codes. i get the codes from this site http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/ to unlock my phone. try it

    • Nabeel

      mobileunlockguide don’t provide unlocks for iPhone. iPhone can’t be unlocked this way.

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