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Unlock iPhone 3G, 3GS Baseband 05.14.02, 05.15.04, 06.15.00 with Ultrasn0w 1.2

iPhone Dev Team released Ultrasn0w 1.2 unlock for iOS 4.2.1.

To unlock your iPhone with iOS 4.2.1 or 4.1, you need to update your iPhone baseband to 06.15.00 from iPad iOS 3.2.2. If you want to be notified when the unlock for 4.2.1 directly without updating comes out subscribe our RSS feed , twitter or Facebook. You will get all the latest updates at both the places.

If your iPhone’s baseband is 05.14.02 or 05.15.04 you need to upgrade your baseband to 06.15.00. Click here to upgrade your iPhone baseband to 06.15.00 with PwnageTool or to upgrade iPhone baseband to 06.15.00 using redsn0w.
Once your device baseband is upgraded to 06.15.00, follow these steps to unlock iPhone using ultrasn0w 1.2.

These instructions will help you unlock iPhone 3G / 3GS with basebands:

  • 04.26.08
  • 05.11.07
  • 05.12.01
  • 05.13.04
  • 06.15.00

How to unlock iPhone with ultrasn0w 1.2 using cydia

1. Launch cydia on your iPhone

2. Select manage tab from the bottom options

3. Select sources button

4. click Edit button on top right of the screen

5. press Add button on top left of the screen

6. enter http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/ as source url and press add source button (Note: ultrasn0w includes a letter 0 (zero) not alphabet o).

7. Once the source has been added, return to cydia

8. press Done on the top right of screen

9. Select http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/ from the list of user entered sources in cydia

10. Select ultrasn0w from the packages list

11. Press Install button on top right of the screen

12. Press Confirm button on top right of the screen

13. Reboot the device once the installation completes successfully.

14. Reboot the iPhone again (recommended)

15. Insert sim of any carrier of your choice and confirm that it’s working perfectly.

Your iPhone is now unlocked successfully!


47 Responses to Unlock iPhone 3G, 3GS Baseband 05.14.02, 05.15.04, 06.15.00 with Ultrasn0w 1.2

  1. GALAXY1

    Thanks Dev Team !!!

    i-Phone 3G iOS 4.2.1 with 05.15.04 was ULOCKED ;)

    Just change Baseband ( Modem Firmware ) from 05.15.04 to 06.15.00 !!!

    Thanks – thank – thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Badboy

    After of hours searching finally i founds thisss, its working i changed form baseband 05.15.04 to 06.15.00 and works perfectly thnx a lot. great job guyssss

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that it worked for you! why really found it after hours of searching?? aww! can I know the keywords you used to search for it and which page did you find the post.

  3. Joseph

    It really works, all we need is upgrade to 06.15.00

    Happy Christmas!!!!!!

  4. carolyn

    I successfully unlocked but now how do I get my phone restored from backup done prior to upgrade, Options in itunes says setup new iphone or restore ? What do I use/ Thanks,

    • Nabeel

      if you wanted to restore, then obviously use the restore option.

  5. jonny

    changing the baseband worked like a charm. Thanks!!

    • Nabeel

      welcome Jonny!

  6. Donna

    OMG – finally I am sorted…. yay!! thank you so much, I upgraded the software by accident today…I managed the jailbreak but then couldnt unlock, Ive spend hours trying to find a solution and bingo..thanks again.

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome

  7. Justin James

    I keep having errors like this when I’m doing this

    6. enter http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com as source url and press add source button (Note: ultrasn0w includes a letter 0 (zero) not alphabet o).

    —what seems to be the problem? what should I do with this error saying…:

    the indicated repository could not be found. this could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository (these are noy supported). also, this interface ids only capable of working with exact repository URLs. If you host a repository and are having issues please contact the author of cydia with any questions you have.

    please help me with this guys…

  8. Justin James

    Hello again,

    I tried other repo addresses but didn’t work as well.

    I also noticed that wifi, safari and other apps don’t work anymore after I upgraded my bb to 6.15


    • Nabeel

      justin, follow the link about installing ultrasn0w without wifi!

      and are you sure the wifi is turned on and connected?

  9. Justin James

    Hi Nabeel! Thanks so much, trying it without wifi now although I have to find out how to do the SSH thing still.

    And yes wifi is on and connected..

    • Nabeel

      iphone explorer (google) and connect with usb . . . simple!

    • Nabeel

      btw, did you see “Activate your iPhone” message in iTunes before jailbreaking it? you should have tried activation fix first before jailbreaking in my opinion (not very sure)

  10. Justin James

    I have added the DEB file correctly but when I tried to open Cydia, I couldn’t locate ultrasn0w from the packages…

    • Nabeel

      restarted the iPhone?

  11. Justin James

    yes Nabeel..went directly to Cydia.. then Manage->Packages but there is no any ultrasn0w showing..

    How do i know if my Cydia’s working by the way? because when I select Cydia icon at the bottom it doesn’t show anything too but continues to just Load..

    • Nabeel

      it continues to load because it tries to connect to internet

      do this:

      if there is any ultrasn0w there, delete it

      follow the same steps to install ultrasn0w 1.2 from here: http://www.multiupload.com/3LT9W1UIMV and reboot twice and run cydia each time and let it run

    • Nabeel

      I’m going to bed now, hope it gets fixed for you! :)

      • Justin James

        I tried everything and still my iphone 3g isn’t unlocked. Now it doesn’t power on. It hangs up showing the apple icon and for minutes it will reboot and hang up again showing the apple icon. What should I do? It doesn’t power on…

        • Nabeel

          hmmm…. this means the os is corrupted and needs you to reinstall the iOS. . .

          You should probably take it to some shop or experienced person to fix it in person.

        • assaf

          Did you manage to fix this problem? i’m having the same case here,

  12. Justin James

    Thanks a lot! You’re very helpful! I’ll keep trying..

  13. TPC

    Followed all the steps, upgraded the baseband, installed and ran ultrasn0w. Rebooted once and then re-started.

    Safari working (wifi), but cannot connect to any mobile phone networks. Any ideas?

    • Nabeel

      which baseband you were on?

  14. marlene

    u guys rock!!!!……thanks!!!….. ur the best!!..it takes time and patience to do it…(several times by the way)..needed practice here..lol!!…but at the end its worth!!

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Marlene!

  15. Agneta

    Hi Nabeel!

    Thank You for these tools. Everything is working including the GPS. Was a tad confusing but in the end worth the struggle. I am going to up Your fund with $4 this weekend as it saved me $8. :D

    Have fun!

    • Dr. Nabeel


      btw, i can’t see 4$ paid to the account, was there any problem while performing the transaction?

      • Agneta

        No, I have still 1 day until weekend. :)

        > I am going to up Your fund with $4 this weekend
        > as it saved me $8. :D

        They’ll be there.
        Take care and Thank YOU!

        BTW, my iPhone 3G seem a lot faster now. Wonder if it was the unlock or carrier switch.

  16. Agneta

    Ha ha… no problems, I still had 1 day until weekend. :)

    > I am going to up Your fund with $4 this weekend
    > as it saved me $8. :D

    They’re there now.
    Take care and Thank YOU!

    BTW, my iPhone 3G seem a lot faster now. Wonder if it was the unlock or carrier switch.

    As for the rest of the people here; If You got help — which You should if You followed the supplied instructions — I think You should go to great lengths in order to support Nabeel’s project.

    Live well!


  17. akram

    thanx very much i do it and its work…akram faraj in KURDISTAN of IRAQ

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome Akram

  18. Bhai

    It worked for me as well. I just need to upgrade to 06.15.00.
    Great job. Thank you very much.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      glad to know it worked for you! hopefully your iPhone its still working perfectly!

  19. Jacob

    Marvelous!!!! After 1 whole week searching and troubles, also visiting a ” specialist” in Belgium who can’t restore my connection with my provider, your advise IS WORKING!!!!!
    Many many Thanks!!


    • Dr. Nabeel

      glad to know that your iPhone got unlocked Jacob

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