How to deactivate facebook account

How to deactivate your Facebook Account

This tutorial will guide you through the steps for deactivating your facebook account.

Please note, deactivating simply disables your account access and profile presence on but your data is still available at servers and you can re-enable the account whenever you want.

To deactivate (not delete) your facebook account, follow these steps:

Deactivate Facebook account

  1. Login to the facebook account that you want to be deactivated
  2. Goto: (top right menu) > Account > Account Settings > Deactivate Account (last option on settings page)
  3. Facebook will try to stop you from leaving by telling many of the so called friends will miss you, simply ignore it and select the reason why you wanna deactivate your facebook profile account and click confirm
  4. Follow the on screen steps and your facebook account will be deactivated!

Please note, if you try logging into the using the same account id and pass, your profile gets automatically re activated when you login.

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    1. you want to activate your facebook account after deactivating it? simply login to facebook with your account id and password and it will be activated again

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