Facebook Bugs and Error (group notifications)

I have been posting various bugs and errors on popular websites out there as I encountered them. This post is about another Facebook Bug which you all might be noticing these days.

This bug is there for almost a week now. There are other bugs too on facebook encountered recently. I am not sure if they are due to some hack or some upgrade in process! Lets hope for something good, not bad!

There has been a recent bug in facebook notifications, specifically related to Facebook Groups. The bug details are as follows:

When you click on notifications (from group) like when someone commented on your post etc, you are taken to group homepage, not to the post itself.

This happens when you click on notification from the top bar or by going to the notifications.php page of facebook.

However, this error is not encountered if you click on the notification as soon as it is received (from the bottom left popup or from top bar) which shows their system has bug in some weird way, not as a whole.

Cause of Facebook Group notifications error / bug

The bug is caused by the malformed url when notifications are clicked. Review these 2 url’s :

Instantly clicked url (working fine) :


Url when clicked later (having error) :


So the new url lacks the view and id parameters for the post.

Hopefully facebook fixes it soon.

2 comments on “Facebook Bugs and Error (group notifications)

  1. i hate when people are adding me again and again in their groups then i am spammed with email notifications of group activity.

    However now all facebook emails are going to my spam folder and it is really peace.

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