5 most common blogging mistakes

No one is perfect, we all do mistakes all the time. Some times we learn from it, some times we get disappointed and bad results. Like every profession there are some common mistakes that bloggers do too (yes , blogging is also a profession). I will try to list out the top 5 most common mistakes done by bloggers which affect their blog (popularity, authenticity and revenue generation capacity) markedly. Maybe i also committed some of these mistakes at my other projects as well as Nabtron too initially.

1. Starting on a free subdomain / service

One of my university guy started his blog some months ago on a subdomain from some free blog service (no it wasn’t wordpres or blogger) and later on recently he thought to add a .com domain to it. Well fair enough, it’s not wrong to start with a subdomain if you are not sure what will be result of it and once you think you are confident enough to put time in it and it’s giving you your desired results you can move on to a tld (top level domain) but using some service that gives you automated blog but no access to file system is totally insane! I mean how can you accept the fact that you won’t be able to access and edit the files directly? One more issue is that sooner or later you will definitely realize that the platform that you chosed was crap and you need to shift to another better one. At that time, although you might be able to move the posts from that system to new blogging cms of your choice (i will definitely recommend wordpress) but you might not be able to keep up the same link structure and many other issues. So think properly in the begining and chose the best script out there for your blog along with a nice domain name.

2. Looking at the stats all the time

Statistics, traffic or revenue generation related are really helpful in any type of website/blog. But over use of everything leads to damage. Bloggers are highly conscious of their visitors and traffic rate that they check the traffic stats every now and then and if they have any ads on their site (from google adsense or chitika e.g) they almost always keep adsense panel opened all the time to check the revenue earned! Oh come on! how can checking the money earned every minute going to increase it?

Just remember, if you are checking your stats for more than once in a day, it means you are over doing it.

3. Irregular posting

Regular doesn’t mean every day. Regular means just in a pattern. There should be a pattern in your posts so that the visitors know and guess that when can they get some new stuff. For example if you post every day, then try to stick to it and even keep the same hour for publishing the post online on your blog. If you can only post 3 times a week, then make a pattern like one post a day every alternate day with a gap in between. If you can only post 4 times a month. Then make it once every week and so on. In short there should be a pattern in your posts. This is really important thing and is over looked by many bloggers.

If you don’t get time to write every day but you have only sunday off to work for your blog, then make 7 posts on sunday and save them as drafts and publish or auto publish each post every day in the coming week and so on.

4.Not replying to comments

People usually leave the blogs and bloggers who don’t reply to them. And even a small reply like thanks or a smile can keep them stick to your blog for ever. So try to communicate with humans and commenter on your blog and keep it interactive and interesting.

5. Balance between Spiders and Humans

The balance between spiders (search engine bots like google bot, yahoo bot etc) and humans is really important. Don’t just write for spiders and get traffic only with no loyal visitor who will re visit or recommend your blog / refer it anywhere on the internet. Also don’t just forget the search engine bots too. Keep them in mind, use the proper keywords in a nice human friendly way by not just making your post stuffed with the keywords etc just for seo (search engine optimization). Keeping a balance is really important in getting your blog highly reputed and increasing it’s earning potential.

Let me know if you would like to add some more common / commonest mistakes by many bloggers in your view.

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  1. Yet another mistakes by New Bloggers is that they don’t wait till their Ad sense earning and traffic increase. They give up earlier. It takes about 6 month for search engines to completely index your blog and send regular traffic to it.
    And another problem is that new bloggers don’t submit their sitemap on Google which is yet another big mistake.

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