Free Domain Winner selected

We announced last month that we will be giving out 3 free domains upon completion of 2 years of Nabtron.

The domains were meant to be given to 3 individuals on 3 things:

1. all for free, just post a comment and you get randomly selected

2. referring someone to the site

3. writing a guest post

Unfortunately no one mentioned referred here and no guest post was submitted.

However, here we announce the randomly selected individuals names in the order picked out by this script:

1. meniphone22
2. asad_api
3. bilal.sana
4. junaid.rehman
5. sobariy
6. deathtrance
7. alaatimes
8. aapka.pavan
9. deejayroby
10. vincent
11. contact.dlmcblog

Email has been sent to these people email id’s. The first one gets the info domain though, but if he is not interested then the next one and so on!

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  1. The script link isn’t working anymore. The tool have moved to instead of

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