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Nabtron crossed 1000+ visitors a day

Well! yes! i know . . . ! 1000 visits a day is not a very big number but it is for someone who achieved it for maybe first time on his own blog/site :)

I started blogging an year ago then stopped / closed then started fresh and so on until last august when i decided to start my blog at http://tech.nabtron.com . But wait! you can’t find tech.nabtron.com anymore because it’s now 301 permanent redirected to this Nabtron.com blog/website. I decided to make nabtron.com the combined domain for the blog and my webdevelopment firm official site almost 2 weeks ago.

When i moved to this domain the visitor rate was almost 500 a day which gradually increased and in 15 days it doubled and reached 1000 (with almost 175 posts only) which is really a great motivation and success for me!

Being a medical student and a professional webdeveloper too i don’t find much time to post on the blog every day and of course no back linking and seo (specially not those cheap black hat seo tricks) to increase my blog reputation and traffic.

Almost 80% of my traffic is through google which is really a success for me because that’s what my target was when i started blogging. I started nabtron with the theme in mind that:

to help someone find information that i faced difficulty in finding online

And the google search traffic really appreciates my efforts that almost 1000 people are able to find something they are looking for (Alhamdolillah)

I also realized that some very reputable people on other sites/blogs and forums also link my blog posts on technical issues. Like some very senior persons on mozilla, yahoo answers and wordpress communities which is really a motivating factor that the senior programmers and persons feel my posts to be helpful for others too. I strongly believe that backlinks are not that we create ourself spamming around the internet. Backlinks are those which others create once they find our words worth enough to be honored.

The alexa ranking has been moving from 40,000 to 240,000 . . . don’t know exactly why it dropped . Although the pagerank of the blog is very low currently (0) i hope it will shoot up soon too inshaAllah.

I hope Allah will help me help the people out there more and make this blog more popular :)

Of course earning money is also part of the blogging experience (although not the only target) so i hope the blog generates some nice revenue for me in near future too :) (InshaAllah)

I will be making a post about how i reached 1000+ visitors legally and naturally without any black hat technique or spoofing trick :)

6 Responses to Nabtron crossed 1000+ visitors a day

  1. ricky

    Hey nabeel! cant wait to have ur next intended post. Waiting anxiously!

    • Nabeel

      I can’t wait to write that one too! will be posting as soon as i complete it.

  2. stylo

    Inshallah You’ll be successfull

    • Nabeel

      thanks :) inshaAllah

  3. jak

    nice blog, ahope my site can do like this site :(

    • Nabeel

      what’s your website’s traffic?

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