How to Remove/Stop your Google Adsense ads on unwanted Blog/websites

Someone is showing your adsense units on their blog/website? Well don’t worry, you can step them from doing so and affecting your adsense account.

How to Stop your Google Adsense ads on unwanted websites

To remove others from displaying your adsense unit (publisher id infact) in their blogs/websites simply stop your ads being shown on un allowed sites from adsense account settings. To do so follow this tutorial:

1. Login to your adsense account

Login to your adsense publisher account for which you want to restrict the publisher id to be used by un authorized blogs/websites.

2. Goto Allowed Sites Setting on adsense

Once logged into goto your adsense publisher account allowed site settings page goto:

adsense dashboard > adsense setup > allowed sites

This page have two options:

  • Allow any site to show ads for my account
  • Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account

So obviously we want to remove the ads to be shown on un authorized sites and blogs. So we chose the second option and google will ask you to enter the website links that you want to be added as allowed sites for your google adsense publisher account ads.

3. Enter allowed sites for google adsense

After selecting the only allow certain sites to show ads for my account option in google adsense allowed sites settings, add your own domains that you want to be considered allowed sites by google adsense and show your adsense publisher account ads there. Add each domain name in new row with name only like:

4. Save your adsense settings

Once you have listen all your authorized sites to allow them as your own websites/blogs, click save to save the settings.

This way although un authorized ad units on un allowed sites will still show google ads, but they will not be affecting your google adsense publisher account. This is what google says about it:

If you put your ad code on a page not on this list, ads will still show, but impressions and clicks will not be recorded.

If you don’t know what can happen if some one shows your ad units on their blog/website? click here coming soon.

To know why do people use someone else adsense publisher id / ad units on their blog/website? click here coming soon.

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4 comments on “How to Remove/Stop your Google Adsense ads on unwanted Blog/websites

    1. yes we can do that by adding condition in php / functions.php of your blog to not to show ad code on those particular posts.

      Let me know if you want me to do it for you!

  1. Hi brother

    I have a problem with my site
    Since I am not a professional
    I do not know how to solve this problem
    The problem is
    I have tried many plugin ads to place adsense in the site
    Finally I found the appropriate plugin that I will use
    I removed all the plugins I was trying
    The problem now is that there are ads on the site and I do not know how to remove them
    Please help me solve this problem if your time allowed
    Thank you

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