How many People Actually make a Living with adsense

Today i got a comment on one of my adsense related post, in which i told the old adsense code formats here and got a really genuine question from him:

Hello there. How many people actually make a living with gogle adsense?
I have adsense Ads on my website but I do earn any money. Any suggestions how to make people click on my Google AdSense Ads?..

google-adsense-logo-350_0Well . . . this is a question that bothered me alot too initially! that do really people earn via adsense? how do they earn from it? I tried running several blogs with some posts and stuff and a website etc, but giving me only 1$ in months? woo! thats too low man!

How many People Actually make a Living with adsense

Well, there were many little / big things that i was missing that time, and many things that i was doing that i shouldn’t!

Oh and to tell you with it! there are many many people who are literally making there living, in atleast four figure income from google per month.  I will give brief intro of them, but will not tell their exact income until i get permission from them (but they all are above 1000$ to 5000$ per month).


Amit Agarwal from India started his blog in 2004 through blogspot id and now his blog is high traffic one! he quit his office job some time back, and became full time blogger. Not only this, his blog lead many newspaper and other people to write him for them! so now, he really is full time blogger and earns his living from the blog with income above 2000$ per month.


Haris Nadeem, an 18 year old boy from Pakistan. His blog running on self hosted wordpress started just a couple of years back, and now, this blog earns him above 2000$ too. He is a student and does his blog as part time. Don’t you think this is enough for this young guy?


Saad Hamid, from Islamabad, Pakistan runs his blog for last two years using wordpress as the cms. He earns above 2000$ per month too through his technology related blog. He is an engineering student too. This blog is really a help to him, he got all that he wanted through this blog, all the latest macs, imac, a brand new car, trips to other locations, and so on! I don’t think that this blog is not sufficient for this guys living!

So now comes the point, that then how does their blog earn them so much? The answer to this question is not very simple, but also not impossible. There are few things to be done before our website/blog can be a gold mine for us!

[I will be posting a new article related to how to actually make your blog/site worth and paying to you soon and will past the link here instead of this sentence, so stay tuned]

But there is one more thing to keep in mind, that i will prefer infact! never rely just on your blog for the income, or any online source, being professional is perfect! like engineer, doctor and so on, but if that is not so in your case, then get some skill atleast, that you can use in case you get dumped from blogging and any other method of earning online.

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  1. is making way more than $2000. The reason is simple. That’s high traffic. Sizlopedia receives 700,000 page views per month.

    Yes you can ask that hoe to attract more traffic?

    That’s something which requires more than a “comment”.

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