Free Domains (three) give away – on completion of 2 years

Ended, See the winner here!

Yeah that’s right! Nabtron is now 2 years old 2 years experienced and mature (on 25th Feburary 2011) .

Now you can get a DOMAIN name for free from Nabtron on completion of 2 years of the online journey!

So what do you need to do to get the domain of you choice (com, net, org, info, co) ? Here it is:

For .info domain, there are two domains being given:

1. you just need to comment on this post with your original email id and one lucky winner will be given a .info domain for free!

2. refer your friends, ask them to participate in this three domain give away and post your email id in the comment too so that you get credit for it. The person who refers the most people will get the second .info domain! for free! (share this post with all your friends right now and on your blog to win this amazing offer!)

For .com, .net, .org, you have to write a guest post. And the guest post with most visitors on 25th Feb will get the free tld for them! Now that’s what we call a competition ;)

So what are you waiting for? Post a guest post asap! and get traffic to it (You’re posts will be on google within minutes of being published)

Read here for guest posts on nabtron.

Ended, See the winner here!

19 comments on “Free Domains (three) give away – on completion of 2 years

  1. Wow, happy early birthday, Nabtron!

    And that is extremely generous. With the popularity of Nabtron I’m sure you will shortly be inundated with many comments and guest posts.

    Once again, happy birthday! :)

    Vincent Parker

      1. the difference is, u r doing wat u like to do…..and i m not! and this is wat matters!
        besides, u’ll gain far more than wat u had to sacrifice! IA!

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