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Did you hear Nabtron is accepting guest posts? Well now you know! You can post any topic within the site’s categories (or suggest any related ones too) Usual guest post ethics and rules apply! nothing harder!

Make an account by registering here once registered, you can login here to post your topic.

Guidelines to keep in mind while making a guest post:

Content we accept:

  • topics related to blog categories, specially apple, iphone, gadgets, blogging, google, seo, programming, adsense, etc
  • Only unique content – enough said!
  • you cannot reuse the article anywhere else including your own blog

Content we don’t accept:

  • Copied content
  • solely self promoting articles about you or your products / site
  • articles containing affiliate link or sponsored / keyword links
  • links solely for the purpose of anchor text for keyword seo
  • abusive language
  • low quality content or images
  • poorly formatted and poor grammar
  • too short articles
  • copyrighted content

Simply while writing a post, think of it as a guest speaker on a stage, say how you will speak there, and we all know, you will try to be of some value there and leave your mark on people! Good luck!

Let us know if you have any queries.

4 comments on “Guest Posts on Nabtron

  1. Hi Nabeel,

    Excellent! You mention that usual guest post ethics and rules apply. Could you perhaps write a post on that and elaborate a bit?

    Or perhaps just reply to this comment with some thoughts on what you do and do not want to see? Personally I have never written a guest post before, but would love to start and what better place than!

    However, like anyone else I definitely would not want to do something untoward.


    Vincent Parker

  2. Hi Nabeel,

    Thank you very much for expanding on this. Personally, I’ve never done a guest post before so this helps out a bunch.

    Most of it might be common sense, but it still is extremely helpful knowing what you do and do not want to see. That way we give you only the best content.

    Thanks again! Be looking for my guest post soon! :D

    Vincent Parker

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