Fatal error: Class ‘JParameter’ not found in joomla 1.6

Joomla! 1.6 is an awesome update by the Joomla! team to the community but looks like it’s a bit pain for some situations!

As you might already know, many templates and extensions for Joomla! version 1.5 don’t work for 1.6 without conversion and there is no support for legacy thing that we had in previous version of Joomla!

Today I tried installing a gavickpro template Corporate 2 on my joomla 1.6 installation and it gave me an error saying:

Fatal error: Class ‘JParameter’ not found in . . .

The error was there due to missing JParameter Class (obviously as it says!)


The solution to this issue is sort of simple though. Just add the following line of code on the top of the file giving error:

jimport( 'joomla.html.parameter' );

This will declare the class and the error will vanish.

Hopefully it works for you in any other related situation too!

24 comments on “Fatal error: Class ‘JParameter’ not found in joomla 1.6

  1. wow i was looking for a solution for laste 2 days in joomla forum, but i cant find that. now it solved. really helped me. thanks.

  2. Thanks for your solution, but still having problems.

    where do i add: jimport( ‘joomla.html.parameter’ );

    where is the file located?

    1. the error includes the file name, that “Fatal error: Class ‘JParameter’ not found in __file name here__”

      let me know if you need my assistance to sort it out.

      1. Hey I have tried that.but once I copy that same line of code, my template goes blank.Could it be that the reason this is happening is coz am using xammp for development??

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