Make your boss rich or youself, choice is yours!

99% of people I encounter feel proud to be a good “worker” for some other person!

Ok wait, I’ll tell you the story that happened recently and compelled me on writing this post!

A friend of mine planned on starting on a blog on current affairs in my country. Not just a news site but a site where reviews on situations etc are made. Anyway, we planned, I worked on it abit and so on. and then, he told me, that man! I don’t think I’ll work on it… let’s work on the health blog / site (me and him both are doctors). Well, fair enough, I already have a domain OfflineClinic which could be used for that purpose. And he said, ok let’s wipe off all the content on it, start from scratch … and my response was that well, first show me your commitment to it, show me work, write content (atleast 20 posts) and then we will do so! as a response, he “laughed” …. and today:

He said to me: man, please find me some site which pays for writing per article, I can write on current affairs and social issues (see above!) man! wtf?

What I mean is, same guy, refused to have his own blog! on same topic! and is willing to write same stuff for someone else? for what? just a few bucks? why not yourself? I didn’t argue with him though (will show him this post only) but seriously! why are you happy to be paid, say 1$ per article, when you can get 10$ or even 100$ on it? (in the long run, if you write a good post, it pays over years, literally)

Why are we so happy to make our boss rich? When he says, wow man! you have done so good work! it makes our day! right? why can’t we be in his place and judge ourself and say it to ourselves that wow man! you have done so good work! ???

Stable income? yeah right! the person who is giving you stable income is generating it from business! then why can’t you generate it yourself?

Seriously! you are doing something to make him rich! why can’t you do it to make yourself rich?

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