Cosmo rays from mars to earth 2011 – NASA BBC rumor

Last year I made a blog post about a text message that I received from many sources saying that cosmo rays from mars are going to enter earth tonight so switch off your mobile phones.

Looks like the similar text message is on boom again! It’s circulating all around once again. The text message is in rotation for almost 1 year on the record now!

A visitor posted this comment on the previous post:

friends i just got 1 forwarded message that “cosmo ray from mars are likely to enter our earth on today night 12.30 to 3.30 am so swtch off ur mobiles today night.. NASA BBC NEWS”


Well, obviously it’s fake! Did you goto BBC and NASA official website to confirm?

Let’s see how long does it take to rotate back the cosmo rays from mars to earth message. It’s 2011 now. Let’s hope it takes minimum 1 year !

And btw, next time you receive such a rumored message, don’t forward it before confirming! There is no news about cosmo rays on bbc news for 2011. Also, the cosmo rays from mars is ridiculous idea! as they are sent from the bodies that have their own light.

So people, there are no cosmo rays from mars tonight! sleep well!

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