Cosmic rays entering earth from mars – NASA-BBC rumor

Looks like we have another rotation of the rumor in 2011. Check here: cosmic rays entering earth from mars 2011

I just received a forward message from a friend which I instanly recognized to be the same one that i got almost 10 months ago. So was wondering how long does a sms take to rotate around and reappear (well atleast in Pakistan). . . The probably fake message received by me on 26th April, 2010 said:

tonight 1:30 to 4:30 cosmic rays will be entering earth 4rm mars so kindly switch off your mobile phones tonight – nasa bbc news- please pass this message to all your friends for safety

Although i did check the NASA and BBC news last year when i received this message but this time i am sure it’s fake because it’s thesame fake message about these cosmic radiations coming back to me after God knows how many cycles.

Umm.. wait a second, lemme check NASA and BBC news . . .

Ok i am back . . . and well i didn’t see any such news there! it’s all just fake and a rumor!

Let me tell you some thing about cosmic rays btw! They are emitted from stars which have their own light. Mars reflect sun’s light (although some cosmic rays too). Almost 90% of all the incoming cosmic ray particles are simple protons, with nearly 10% being helium nuclei (alpha particles), and slightly under 1% are heavier elements, electrons (beta particles), or gamma ray photons.


Anyway, there is no such harm imho! So keep using your cell phones! these cellular companies need some money to survive!

I don’t know why people start circulating these sort of panic messages disturbing everyone’s every day life and routine!

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  1. Rumor is information distilled so finely that it can filter through anything. It does not need doors and windows — sometimes it does not need people. It can exist free and wild, running from ear to ear(these days mobile to mobile & pc to pc) without ever touching lips. Nature is not frightening, it’s people who are frightening! You just need to get to know nature and it will become friendly. This creature known as man is of course highly intelligent, he’s capable of manufacturing almost anything from rumors to test-tube babies…. This is the absurdity of man.

    1. Absolutely right Naseer! And for any stupid act we can’t just blame one person . . . there are many, and some times all of us involved in it!

    1. Looks like it’s a wave not from mars to earth, but form some stupid mind to the rest of the people making a chain reaction! let’s see when does this wave stop and then strike back again!

        1. nice … i wish we all focus on how to get the people out of already uncertain situation rather than spreading more uncertainty and fear

  2. Truly same goes for all the Religious messages that come, Do that or that gonna happen are really bad thang for sure

    1. i have seen many religious messages regarding ayats to be fake too, the ayat that they refer too don’t even say what they mention in the sms

  3. Hello Sir, this is also Nabeel here :) , nice to see ur website and effort, keep it up, yes ur right there is no such truth as max of the rays are absorbed in the universe by other heavenly bodies out there, some do reach but ALLAH created such a nice filter i-e Ozone that it reflects back all such rays.

    aside from that, using too much cell foon is not good for health at all, like from right ear, it seems brain cooked, try talking 1hr from right ear, even the towers around are much dangerous than those cosmic rays DO YOU KNOW THIS ?

    1. Nice to see you Nabeel :)

      Well the cosmic rays do enter and affect electronic components specially small transistors in normal electronic appliances too.

      I had an idea about effect of the radio waves of cellular network but never researched much over it.

      1. Well i have read aal the above conversations..
        i wanna say something over those discussions:

        I would like to request all the readers to never send those messages/mails which speak similar to “Do forward this message/mail to [a wasteful number] people, dont break the chain, otherwise something really bad will happen for sure”.
        Whether in the form of your “religious faith proving” / “this message/mail has been stated from sacred place(like Vaishno Devi, Amarnath, Shirdi, Vrindavan, etc.)” / “meeting/getting love” / “friendship proving” / “result pass or otherwise fail”..
        Do chant/forward the name of God, but not by the way it is going all around.

        REMEMBER: GOD in any religion never ask anything from followers except the faith in them. God, the one power, never ever ask you to prove your faith in Him. He never do wrong of anybody just because you are not performing a SIN by forwarding an ILLOGICAL HUMAN WRITTEN MESSAGE/MAIL to peoples..!!

        Please always remember, only these kinds of things help to give a boom to MYTHS which deteriorate the quality and development of society!

        Become a better citizen! Stop spreading myths!! Stop spreading rumors without exploring over it!! I would be deeply greatful to you all to make this earth a place for wiser people!! Break the chain which can tie earth with myths and rumors, motivate others to stop spreading!!

        There is 1 more field, where i would like all your awarenessis Save This earth..!! If u like to wish read my views over it, click

  4. its totally fake news just to create panic among peoples. mostly peoples talk in night with their dear one. so now they scare for their and their dear one safety .

    these type of culprit just enjoying other panic

  5. its really a news in news channels regarding any cosmic rays visting earth.we need to ignore all these useless talk

  6. yes i have gone through bbc news there is nothing like cosmic rays coming from mars to earth news today,so be happy……………………………………

  7. yes u r right, i didnt see any such news in bbc and nasanews, its all fake,
    dont go around these fake rumor and dont spread this fake news

  8. great job done by Dr. Nabeel,

    we should verify such type of sms before forwarding to someone instead of become a part of rumour


  9. Hey you all!!!! I just recieved the same message. And it’s been nearly 9 months after you recieved it. I only have to say this:
    We Pakis really are slow in spreading RUMOURS. :)

  10. nowa days, fake msgs r disturbing many people,
    n especially in cell msgs, funny msgs r hurting someone character,like faraz, zubaiada apa,n etc.
    we should find a permanent solution to avoid from these horrible mistakes.
    so, plz start this work from individual(yourself)n then go ahead.

  11. hhahaha i just got this messae today on 13-01-2011 ,, and then firstly i wrote the words “BBC NASA ” all other message i got in drop down bar and i reached to this site ,,, what the hell is this ,,,
    mostly messages are fake are rotating all around the country,,,

  12. I just received a short message from my friend through my cell phone. about this rumor. while i was online.he says that tonight at 12:30 to 3:30 am Cosmo rays from mars entering to earth so switch off your mobile phone to day. first i didn’t believed but when i thought that the friend who sent the msg is a well educated person from karachi may be this is true.i just search the NASA BBC news.and find about this kinds of fake news.
    thank you all members of NASA BBC NEWS to inform people about this kind of fake news

  13. thnkx 2dis website.
    I had just now recieved the same to same message as mentioned above.
    I had got panic,so i thought of getting to know more abt it.
    Fortunately i read that its all fake.

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      1. Ha ha ha..wat a crazy world we live in, i live in africa (Namibia) and i just recived the same text today 4 April 2012, and out of curiosity and just to make sure,i went on the net an i found this..surely the world is slow at spreading ramours and the funny thing is some of my friends recieved that text a day before i did

  15. D rumor is a sad one. I wonder y people wud spread such a wicked rumor. I want 2 enjoin people 2 always verify information b4 dey forward it 2 others.

  16. now I am wondering either how long does the message pass on? You’ve posted this like 2010 and today is april 4, 2012. such rumors are spreading even here in the philippines. What a fun way of celebration April Fool’s day. Almost fooled, thank GOD i googled it.

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