How to setup wildcard DNS on Cpanel for wordpress 3.0 beta (multiuser subdomain feature)

I was struggling to install the wordpress 3.0 beta when i came to the option of selecting if i want the users to have their blog as sub folder or sub directory. Well obviously i wanted to have a subdomain option but then i was stuck for a while figuring out how to setup wildcard dns on my hosting server.

I am using cpanel and whm. Well i tried a lots of things but they had some issues with it. The only thing that worked perfectly for me was like this:

1. Goto Cpanel

Login to your Cpanel account. BTW if you don’t have cpanel 11 based hosting Get one here.

2. Goto SubDomains manager

What? you have been trying all this time to fix it from DNS zone manager? Well i tried that too (worked half way too) but forget about it for now. Goto the subdomain manager.

4. Setup a special subdomain

Now here is the trick, you need to setup a very special subdomain. The subdomain is going to be:


Note that the name part of the subdomain is only * .

Please note that no redirection is needed on this subdomain any more. The settings are now complete.

This process will automatically create a wild card DNS for your domain name and all the uncreated and not found subdomains will be forwarded to the main domain. Other than that, the wild card dns setup of wordpress multi user and wordpress 3.0 beta multi user options will be successfully done this way.

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