Run Teamviewer with localhost webserver (xampp, wamp etc)

For teamviewer 5.1 and later follow this tutorial: If you try to run the server on your system with teamviewer, you might face problem. The issue is that teamviewer also listens to port 80 which conflicts with the webserver such as xampp, wamp etc, as it also listens to port 80 by default. Now […]

Why do i see numbers and letters in nicks on messenger contacts list with people name / nick? (msn messenger plus issue)

You might have noticed some people nicks in your msn messenger (windows live mail/hotmail messengr) that they have strange codes in them , which naturally make no sense to you. The examples might include: [b][c=7]1[/c][c=2]ǝ[/c][c=3]ǝ[/c][c=4]q[/c][c=5]ɐ[/c][c=6]u[/c][/b] Well you are seeing them because that particular contact is using msn messenger plus, and you are using the normal […]

Our new Project – launched

A new project has been launched by Nabtron on 9th august, 2009. This site is about health and fitness and includes stuff regarding weight loss, gain, maintenance and gym and exercises etc. The site administrators and moderators team include medical and sports professionals who are serving the visitors regarding health related tips, and the […]

iPhone Internet (EDGE/GPRS) settings (telenor, ufone, warid, mobilink – Pakistan)

I have compiled the gprs/edge settings for networks in Pakistan. (If you are looking for MMS settings for cellular networks in Pakistan – ufone, warid, mobilink gsm, telenor, zong) then follow to this page: ). These are the settings for setting up gprs/edge on iphone 2g/3g for Pakistan cellular networks including : telenor, ufone, […]