Nabtron crossed 1000+ visitors a day

Well! yes! i know . . . ! 1000 visits a day is not a very big number but it is for someone who achieved it for maybe first time on his own blog/site :) I started blogging an year ago then stopped / closed then started fresh and so on until last august when […]

Cheap Domain Registration at $2.99 per domain per year

Hello guys, anyone interested in a very cheap domain ??? Just imagine a domain name for only 2.99$ per year. So hurry up and contact me via the comments here and i will register it for you. Now you can register 2 or even 3 domains at the price of 1 domain that you usually […]

Get Google Wave Invites – Invitations Give Away

I have got some google wave invites with me for people who are interested in trying it out or really need it. Those who are interested in getting invited to googlewave leave a comment on this blog post along with your contact email id so that we can discuss over it [maybe its not free […]

How to Jailbreak Unlock iPhone 3G 3GS 3.1.2 with Blackra1n on Windows and Mac OS

Blackra1n release RC3 is available for both windows and mac supporting iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs with the unlock for baseband 05.11.07. It’s not only advance but also pretty much easy to use utility. It also includes the Blacksn0w unlock for 05.11.07 baseband, enable official tethering and huge15 second speed improvement. Files to Download: Download […]

Introducing Blog / website hosting at affordable price

Being assosciated with the webdevelopment and freelancer world, i have noticed that quite a big percentage of the errors and problems faced by the blog/website owners is due to the server environment and settings that they are using. So now you can get the fully functional and compatible hosting server space for your blog/website. The […]

iPhone MMS settings for Pakistan Cellular Networks (warid, ufone, mobilink, zong, telenor)

(If you are looking  for gprs/edge settings for cellular networks in Pakistan (warid, ufone, mobilink, telenor, zong), please check this page: ) These are the manual settings for cellular networks mms settings for Pakistan. These settings has been tested on iPhone 3G version 3.0 but should work on anyother mobile / cell phone too. […]

Gmail not working / opening – How to access gmail account

Gmail is facing downtime woldwide affecting people who use gmail for email purposes or in applications. Google has acknowledge the issue but has not given any time line about when it will get solved! Your friend sent you a document for your assignment and you need to download it urgently but what? gmail is not […]

How to turn off predictive text keyboard dictionary in iphone

Gone crazy with that iphone builtin predictive keyboard dictionary? correcting and annoying you with every word replacement? well there is really simple way to fix it! and stop it from bugging you!. And NO! its not by adding any new application or anything, infact apple has provided the settings in the iphone! for those who […]

How to create a fan page in facebook

All people who use facebook are familiar with fan pages. Which ask you to become a fan of some thing, like some website, some person, celebrity, product, institute or location etc. And we get invitations for that too, where our friends ask us to become fan of their pages! How to create a Facebook fan […]

Can’t find chicken vnc home button (to go back on the iphone home page)

While using chicken vnc client on macbook , mac OS-X leopard, with veency installed on iphone, i realized that i cannot find the home button on the screen of the chicken vnc client, but hey! wait, it is there, but not as a button, but as a shortcut! The Program works perfectly otherwise, lets you […]