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Get Google Wave Invites – Invitations Give Away

I have got some google wave invites with me for people who are interested in trying it out or really need it.

Those who are interested in getting invited to googlewave leave a comment on this blog post along with your contact email id so that we can discuss over it [maybe its not free :p]

So need googlewave invite? just let me know! limited number of invites left! hurry up to utilize this fantastic give away!

6 Responses to Get Google Wave Invites – Invitations Give Away

  1. niranjan

    cool… pls send me one… !!

    • Nabeel

      Invite sent to your gmail id associated with this comment. Please wait for some time before google sends you the invite.

      • niranjan

        rcvdddd .!!!! now tht was fastt !

        • Nabeel

          You could’ve said “thanks”

  2. Stylo

    Waiting for your positive reply!!!!

    • Nabeel

      whats your contact email id? the same one with this comment?

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