Unzip Files over FTP in a minute

I was just basically searching to unzip files over ftp but failed, however few years back when I didn’t had any cpanelX, I used net2ftp. An online web based FTP client which has many features unlike regular OS ftp clients such as filezilla, etc.

unzip files over ftp

It is often feels like falling in trouble when a client don’t really much know about his cpanel details, or you have a deadline over your head and slow internet connection is a fate for you. However it is considered a pain to put files through ftp as it is much slower as compared to cpanel. It has been a reason people are looking to unzip files over ftp, so that the life of them should become more easier, technically.

net2ftp has a feature to unzip files on the server by sending request to server via a web browser after selecting the particular zip file.

Steps to Unzip Files over FTP

unzip files over ftp

  1. Login to net2ftp with ftp credentials.
  2. Browse through the files and reach the adequate zip file.
  3. Select the zip file by check box on left.
  4. From top navigation menu, click unzip.
  5. Make the settings fine.
  6. Click the green arrow to start unzipping.
  7. You’re done!

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