Is Moneybookers Scam? YES

According to the definition:

Scam is a slang term for a fraud or confidence trick.

And moneybookers fits fit into it! Let’s see how:

  1. Moneybookers don’t allow you to charge back the money
  2. Moneybookers “blocks” your account for all activity and terminates it, instead of limiting it and giving you a chance to prove your stance
  3. If they don’t like your activity (at their personal level) with their low coded automatic system, they simply dissolve your account and keep all your money!
  4. If you contact them, only robots and automatic machines respond to you
  5. If you ask about your money in the account, no matter if it is a few hundred or thousand dollars, they don’t even talk about it.
  6. They steal your money!

I have been victim of moneybookers scam twice! Once with my account, and once my business partners account.

What’s your experience with the scam site moneybookers or now named skrill (maybe they want to get new name to hide bad reviews of the past?)

I hope you got some proper review of moneybookers now!

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