Moneybookers stole my money

Gentlemen, today I’m going to share my experience with the scam payment processor moneybookers (now renaming themselves as skrill to hide their bad name).

I received a payment from one of my client almost 10 days back (almost 700$). The payment got cleared. I delivered the product to the client and after a week boom! the account got limited.

They sent me an email asking me about the purpose of this transaction and how do I know that person (who never sent me payment ever before!)

The situation was now:

  1. They “terminated” my account and said that the decision is¬†unchangeable
  2. they asked me for the purpose of the transaction
  3. they stole my money!

Now what can anyone comment on their so called brilliant system? they blocked my money! blocked my business and now they have all my money too! and asking me for¬†explanation? what for? Although I’ll discuss it with them! (and I know it won’t work) but they never respond to question about “ok you don’t like my transactions, fine, terminate my account, but what about money?”

Why does moneybookers simply steal my money?

Comparing it to paypal, they atleast give you chance to prove yourself! and even if you fail, you can refund the money to client and ask him to send you via some other way! but wtf is this? why are they scamming so many people like this? moneybookers or skrill, whatever! once a scam is always a scam! I hope you got some proper review of moneybookers now!

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