United Bank Limited Pakistan – Poor online banking

United Bank Limited not only has normal banking issues but also its ebanking is a pain.

I’ve been using UBL for almost 3 years now and its a constant pain to be with them. I’ve tried moving to standard chartered bank but their new rule is that I have to show my pay slip in order to get my account open.

Coming back to UBL, well I’ll list out some of the issues in their ebanking system:

1. No interbank transfer

UBL online banking allows you to transfer funds to another UBL account only. Other competitors allow interbank transfer too from your online account.

It’s worth mentioning that their ubl to ubl transfer was having error too for long but got fixed now.

2. Vouchers out of stock

Like various online bank accounts, united bank has also offered its users with “Pay bills & Prepaid” cards option in online e-banking for ubl.

However, when ever we try to buy any voucher, it’s always missing.

Infact right now, i tried to buy a voucher for uFone and it failed for all priced cards (100, 250, 500 and 1000). And this happens almost all the time.

Couple of days ago, my cousin needed a wateen card and same thing happened. Only the 2000 rs card was available.

So they really need to keep vouchers in stock.

3. Out dated and inefficient system

Their system is clearly outdated and flawed. Forexample, as in above example, when the voucher is missing, it should tell right there before letting the person waste his time in purhasing the voucher, going to couple of next pages, entering his pin and in the end finding out that “Dear Customer, Your desired voucher is currently out of stock. You are requested to please try again after some time.”

To summarize, whats the point of an online e-banking system of UBL when a user can’t even do funds transfer to other banks and can’t buy or pay for vouchers online! What’s left behind ?

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