UBL online banking errors

I don’t know if it’s the issue with united bank limited as a whole or just Pakistan branch. Their online banking system is crap! Literally crap!.

I’ve been trying to send some money to my brothers account for home remittance and it’s giving errors one after another!

First of all there is “paid” limit on how much amount you can transfer per month and even per day to any account and upon changing it nothing happens! ┬áThen their website is so slow that it’s easier to goto the bank personally and do the stuff manually!

UBL net banking is slow

They’re not just slow, they’re hell slow! Site keeps loading loading loading, so much so that the session expires and it asks you to login again sometimes!

Come on ubl! please either remove the net altogether or else improve the speed of the servers at least so that people can use it!

Ubl charges different Monthly fee for different transfer limits

Seriously? if you want to send some 1 lac pkr to someone today you will have to change the limit to 100,000 atleast and then it will remain so for the whole of your life. Which means united bank limited will charge you monthly transfer fee from your account just because you chose to send money “once” in your life to someone using their net banking service, which not to forget is crappy and slow (and buggy of course)

Over that, I changed the limit yesterday, and it’s been 2 days “nothing” happened! the limit still shows “0” in my account.

Oh come on! please please ubl! improve your system! what are we living in? dinosaur era?

I’ve been trying to login to ubl since I started writing this post, and till this sentence the page is till “login”. Yeah! what a fast service indeed!

I wish I knew how to sue them for this crappy and buggy service!

Update: yes it logged in now, after finishing the article, and see the image below to see that the package subscribed is “platinium” (means fee for 200000 lac per month transfer will be deducted every month) but the limit is “0” ! wow!

(update: I had to “change your package limit” again to make it change – then it worked. I changed package limit to “3,00,000” and it allowed only “1,00,000” to transfer! damn!)

ubl net banking

And now I’m trying to contact them on their helpline! and yes you guessed it right! it never works! It goes busy busy busy then when you luckily get it it keeps you waiting waiting waiting and then thak! it drops! the line drops!

Go Ubl Go!


2 comments on “UBL online banking errors

  1. Excellent services.

    I don’t have any issue with ubl online banking and home remittance services.

    It’s not slow and I am very happy with UBL. I always send money to my home through ubl net remittance and transaction takes only few minutes and my family receives money in 15 minutes in their accounts and I would like to recommend UBL positively.

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