UBL online banking “Invalid Security Code” error while changing limit

United Bank Limited, despite being a very good bank, have not so strong online banking software.

There are many errors which I have encountered while using the UBL ebank online. Some of them are serious bugs, while others are general errors.

While trying to increase my daily usage limit to a higher number, it asks me to enter my ubl wallet (debit card) number, then on next page I am asked 3 things:

  • captcha code (called security code on that page)
  • online transaction pin
  • atm transaction pin

Well despite entering them correctly again and again I got the error saying:

Invalid Security Code

So what’s the cause? well because their “not so intelligent” system wants to you enter captcha in capital letters, not small.

Once you enter the same code in capital letters (or exactly as shown in the captcha / security image) you will get the message saying:

Your limits have been changed successfully.

Seriously man! it’s just 2 minute work on code to change this and make your captcha or security image system to be able to accept the code entered in both capital and small letters!

Hopefully they will change it in near century!

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