Welcome to Facebook – get rid of it!

Welcome to Facebook message which we seem to get when someone makes a new account on facebook. But unfortunately facebook forgets that welcome is done once, it keeps on welcoming your for days and months! wow!

The welcome to facebook (followed by your name) message appears on your facebook profile until facebowelcome to facebookok thinks your profile is incomplete and that you’re new to facebook! This message can’t be removed or closed as there is no option provided by facebook to close it.

Welcome to Facebook and WTF

Just as a side note, sometimes WTF is associated with the term “welcome to facebook”. You might have heard about the joke / possibly a real event about a child telling his dad that wtf means welcome to facebook? yeah the same one which you’re thinking about ;)

How to remove “Welcome to Facebook” message

Ok coming back to the point. So if you’re having this wonderful “Welcome to facebook” message on top of your facebook profile, how to get rid of it! Well try doing these steps and keep praying to God that you get lucky :)

  1. Share something on your status. Facebook loves to know what’s on your mind!
  2. Upload your photo. Upload not only the profile display picture, but also cover photo and a few photos in your albums!
  3. Add your information to the profile.
  4. Play with privacy settings
  5. Add friends you know!
  6. Add your phone number

Adding phone number is specially helpful to remove the annoying captcha while you’re trying to send a link to someone or posting it on facebook.

Following above steps will help you get rid of the annoying welcome to facebook message, which one of my blog visitor said, is there for more than 4 months! duh! seriously?

Let me know if these steps helped you in getting rid of this annoying message? or what else you did that lead you to getting rid of the welcome to facebook message?

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