UBL online banking errors

I don’t know if it’s the issue with united bank limited as a whole or just Pakistan branch. Their online banking system is crap! Literally crap!. I’ve been trying to send some money to my brothers account for home remittance and it’s giving errors one after another! First of all there is “paid” limit on […]

United Bank Limited Pakistan – Poor online banking

United Bank Limited not only has normal banking issues but also its ebanking is a pain. I’ve been using UBL for almost 3 years now and its a constant pain to be with them. I’ve tried moving to standard chartered bank but their new rule is that I have to show my pay slip in […]

Moneybookers stole my money

Gentlemen, today I’m going to share my experience with the scam payment processor moneybookers (now renaming themselves as skrill to hide their bad name). I received a payment from one of my client almost 10 days back (almost 700$). The payment got cleared. I delivered the product to the client and after a week boom! […]

UBL online banking “Invalid Security Code” error while changing limit

United Bank Limited, despite being a very good bank, have not so strong online banking software. There are many errors which I have encountered while using the UBL ebank online. Some of them are serious bugs, while others are general errors. While trying to increase my daily usage limit to a higher number, it asks […]