Location services disabled after iOS 8 update on iPhone

Apple has introduced iOS 8 for iphone 6 plus, iphone 6 , iphone 5s and iphone 5, which is a great operation system no doubt but has some bugs like every Apple software out there :/

I upgraded iOS on my iphone when it became available for installation and when I tried using my location services the apps started asking me to turn on location services by going to:

Settings > Privacy > Location services and then turning on location services.

And to my surprise when I tried turning it on, it didn’t work! What the…????

Location services disabled after iOS 8 update on iPhone error

For example when trying to access google maps to see my current location it said that location service is disabled and turn it on from the settings.

Location services disabled after iOS 8 update on iPhone

Please note its the same method by which I was able to turn location services on or off easily on iOS 7.x on the same iPhone 5.

So it’s definitely a software glitch! I wonder why apple has so buggy and bad quality control system or programmers like google ?

Lets wait for the next 4GB update of 8.1 maybe to fix this small issue which apple left in this release of the iOS (intentionally maybe?)

Whats your opinion about Apple softwares? (For which they charge huge huge amount, infact their devices are expensive because of their specific softwares)

Apple did have bugs when Steve Jobs was there, but they were not so crappy or so major bugs, I wish Apple could maintain their repute!

Is location services not working normally on your iPhone too?

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