How to download iOS ipsw directly

Recently I encountered the famous bug of iOS 12 beta update which all beta tester developers faced. The bug was that the iOS keeps asking you to update your software version to newer beta release (beta 12 as of writing this post) repeatedly. Issues was, I was in africa and didn’t have a stable internet […]

No Service after iOS 8.4 update

Apple rolled out iOS 8.4 this week and as soon as it downloaded, I tried to update it. However once the update completed, there was “No Service” on my iPhone 5. The issue got me surprised and shocked initially and I wondered if Apple has stopped supporting my country altogether? Or maybe the iOS is […]

iPhone 7 release date 2015

iPhone 7 is the new hot topic these days! Like every year apple is expected to launch it’s new model for the iphone series. So like everyone else, you must also be asking that when’s the new iphone 7 coming out? and will the next iphone be called iphone 7 or something else? would it […]

Whatsapp calling feature for iPhone released!

Whatsapp just released update 2.12.1 for iPhone with size 54.2mb that allows the users on iPhone to make calls via whatsapp! a long awaited feature by iphone users having whatsapp! With the new iphone whatsapp update released today on 21 april 2015, you can: call your friends using whatsapp for free using internet connection instead […]

Location services disabled after iOS 8 update on iPhone

Apple has introduced iOS 8 for iphone 6 plus, iphone 6 , iphone 5s and iphone 5, which is a great operation system no doubt but has some bugs like every Apple software out there :/ I upgraded iOS on my iphone when it became available for installation and when I tried using my location […]

iOS 8 launched? Google Maps updated!

Just received the update notification in my app store app on iphone 5 saying that google maps update is available which has 2 items in change log: Optimized for iOS 8 Bug fixes So the question suddently dived into my mind, is iOS 8 launched?. See the following image of apple app store application on […]

iPhone 5 not charging [solved]

iPhones are amazing, specially iPhone 5. They changed the charger for the new iPhone 5 too to lightening charger. However, this didn’t solve the issue of charger getting bad or iPhone refusing to charge! The iPhones chargers are really unreliable and I have to always keep a spare charger with me so that I am […]

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1 reduce transparency

iPhone 5 and plus, having iOS 7.x has a feature called reduce transparency. This feature does exactly what it says, it reduces transparency! But where and how? Continue reading to know ! Once I updated my iOS from ios 7.0 to 7.1 on iPhone 5, I noticed that the iphone dock and folder icons were […]

iOS 7 Clock Icon shows time in real time dynamically

Apple’s new iOS 7 now shows time dynamically on the icon too. The time shown by the clock icon on iOS 7 shows current time, complete with moving second hand too. You can see the clock ticking by second. Not just this, iOS 7 shows dynamic weather, current temperature, maps and even the videos dynamically […]

Is iPhone 5 really different ?

iPhone 5 has been launched. . . ¬†finally! but is it really that different from the last iPhone ? Well, technically yes, but apparently, No. Have a look at this video to see the peoples response when they were shown a iPhone 4 instead of 5 and questioned! – really are these people so dumb […]