iPhone 7 release date 2015

iPhone 7 is the new hot topic these days! Like every year apple is expected to launch it’s new model for the iphone series.

So like everyone else, you must also be asking that when’s the new iphone 7 coming out? and will the next iphone be called iphone 7 or something else? would it be iphone 6s? and what new features for iphone 7 would be and what would be the new design of iphone 7?

iPhone 7 or iphone 6s are amazingly hot topics these days! There are a lot of rumors about the release date of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, its design, features and specs etc.

iphone 7

Apple will surely launch the next model of the iPhone series, but would it be iphone 7? or iphone 6c? or 6s? what name would the new iphone have? what features to expect? lets compile what we know about the upcoming new iphone in 2015 till now!

  1. Apple may launch more than one iphones this year too, like last year they launched iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus
  2. the same naming convention like iphone 6 may continue like iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus being launched this year, upgrading the iphone 6 ones
  3. they can even launch a new one called iphone 7 mini
  4. they may even come up with new name like new iphone max!
  5. iphone 7 wouldn’t be fat or thicker than the iphone 6!
  6. battery life may improve, but not much
  7. higher screen resolution for apple iphone 7!
  8. dslr like picture quality cameras can be expected with 3d camera sensors too!
  9. the charging pin can be upgraded to usb-c port too
  10. it may not have a 3d screen and also no chance of curved display! however it may include an edge to edge display along with wireless charging for iphone 7!

So the main point again, when will the iphone 7 be released? in 2015 apple will probably follow the release convention and release it in september! just like iphone 5 and iphone 6 were released in september event! So we can assume that the same pattern would be followed!

Do you have any information on the release date or specs of the new upcoming iphone 7? share with us!

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