How to Connect more than 5 devices to evo wingle 3g

Evo wingle by ptcl provides an option to connect 5 users at a time (and a few models allow 10 too). However this is not justified! sometimes, or in fact most of the times we need more than 5 connections that can share the internet connection!

Well the trick is pretty easy. You can also do it without buying any gadget or tool too!

How to connect more than 5 users to evo wingle 3g

There are various ways to allow more than 5 users to connect to evo wingle 3g, such as:

Connecting wingle with laptop and creating hotspot

One of the easiest method to connect more than 5 devices to evo wingle 3g is to use your laptop as a hotspot. To do this you need to:

  1. Connect evo wingle 3g to laptop usb port and let it connect to the internet
  2. don’t connect the laptop wifi to wingle, the usb port serves as ethernet port and the connection establishes
  3. convert your laptop into a hotspot using its wifi
    • For mac, you can do it directly by going to sharing
    • For windows, you may need to download some application
  4. Connect as many devices you want to your laptops wifi port now!

There are several other options to connect multiple users to the ptcl evo wingle 3g too including attaching it to another wifi router directly that supports such device, however laptop one is easiest one as laptops are readily available with everyone!

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