No Service after iOS 8.4 update

Apple rolled out iOS 8.4 this week and as soon as it downloaded, I tried to update it. However once the update completed, there was “No Service” on my iPhone 5.

The issue got me surprised and shocked initially and I wondered if Apple has stopped supporting my country altogether? Or maybe the iOS is broke and now it’s gong to be a long hassle to fix it all!

No Service after iOS 8.4 update

Once the update completes normally, with no glitches or issues during the update process, there was No Service issue seen. Don’t panic, it wasn’t much of an issue. However I’m still not sure why it would have happened though! Strange!

iphone-5-no service

Although wifi was working fine, means it connected perfectly fine and showed the wifi icon but only the mobile network showed No Service.

How to fix No Service after iOS 8.4 update

I tried to turn on and off the air plane mode couple of times to see if it made any difference. I was planning to restart the phone, however after a couple of minutes, it changed to normal service itself.

So if you’re experiencing the same “No Service” error after upgrading your iOS to latest apple iphone iOS 8.4, there’s probably nothing to worry about, just give it some time, a couple of minutes, and it would be fixed on it’s own!

Do you have any thoughts on why this error would appear? If you do then please share them with us! Apple has great products, with great hardware and a wonderful software, however it’s softwares are well known to have stupid mistakes and glitches, just like its hardware, usually.

Also, if you’re still having the no service issue and it didn’t resolve on its own, please let me know.

2 comments on “No Service after iOS 8.4 update

  1. Yes i am having this prob and tried several means…. but all in vain. turned on and off flight mode, restart mobile, restore through itunes but still not resolved. Please let me know if you have any other solution for my 5s.

    1. Did it get solve Faayez?

      If not then please tell me which mobile network you’re using? and how much time has passed and it isn’t working yet?

      Is wifi working fine?

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