iPhone 5 not charging [solved]

iPhones are amazing, specially iPhone 5. They changed the charger for the new iPhone 5 too to lightening charger. However, this didn’t solve the issue of charger getting bad or iPhone refusing to charge!

The iPhones chargers are really unreliable and I have to always keep a spare charger with me so that I am ready to coup with the situation in which my iPhone 5 is not charging with the default charger.

iphone 5 not chargingThe iPhone 5 not charging problem starts usually with an indicator saying “This accessory is not recognized”. This stops the charging.

In this article we will discuss a few ways to solve the iPhone 5 not charging issue which you might be having with your iphone 5 charger. Before we proceed, make sure that it’s not the iPhone 5 slot or batter which is causing issue and it’s the iPhone 5 charger faulty causing issues.

This could be very frustrating when your iPhone 5 charger stops working. iPhones battery don’t last long already so any fault in charger will lead to a nightmare. Other than the solutions to solve it, it’s always recommended to keep a spare charger or two for your iPhone 5 with you.

If your iPhone isn’t charging, may it iPhone 5, iphone 5c, iphone 5s or previous versions of iphone like iphone 2g, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, iphone 4 or iphone 4s, follow these troubleshooting steps to solve the iphone not charging issue.

iPhone 5 not charging – How to fix

1. Restart your iPhone 5 – Hard Restart

You can try both restarts, the simple one and the hard one.

Simple one is when you press the power button and it shows the power off slider, slide it to power off and then re press the power button to turn on the iPhone 5.

Hard restart is when you press power and home button until it restart itself.

Make sure that the charger is connected when you do the hard restart.

2. Turn off the iPhone 5 and then charge

Turn off the iPhone 5 and then connect the charger, it usually works with partially faulty chargers whose current flow is intact but data isn’t probably.

3. Turn iTunes on / off and charge

Test by once connecting the charger when itunes is on on your computer and then once when it’s off. It might work one way or the other and your iphone 5 might start charging.

4. Clean the line on iphone 5 charger slot and retry

If resetting your iphone 5 didn’t get it charging again, better to check if the charger port of the charger itself is dusty and has lint.

Blow strongly to clean the iphone 5 charger slot, charger itself, usb slot and the usb slot.

Once done, reconnect the charger to the iphone through computer. If that don’t work either, connect it with the wall charger. Try using any other computers usb port to see if your computer port is faulty and thus not charging your iphone 5.

5. Cross test with another iPhone 5

If you tried the above steps but they failed, try using the same charger with some other iPhone 5 to see if that the charger is fine or not. Once confirmed that the charger is fine, there might be the issue with your iPhone 5 charger slot or battery / circuit.

6. Change the iPhone 5 battery

If the charger is fine but the problem is with your iPhone 5 battery, then better get a replacement battery and change your iPhone 5 battery.

7. Buy a new iPhone 5

Very much self explanatory!

Hopefully this will get your iphone5 not charging issue solved! This might work with all previous versions of iPhones and iPad too!

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