Is Moneybookers Safe ? (hint: NO)

Moneybookers (now called skrill) has gained bit popularity as an alternate to paypal.

Is Moneybookers safe? (or Is Skrill safe?)

Many people assume that their money is safe in moneybookers just because there is no “refund” option, which is a totally fake and misconception. I’ll elaborate with an example which happened with me.

Recently a payment of 600$ in my moneybookers account went back. I was obviously “surprised” and contacted them what just happened.

Moneybookers replied that they have put the payment on hold and want me to tell the purpose of the payment etc so that they can proceed with the issue.

Now here, it clearly shows that moneybookers is trying to make it appear as a case and that if I lose the case money will go back to the user and right now moneybookers still holds it.

Ok great, I showed them all the required documents and with many weeks of email exchange they said sorry the money can’t be given to me.

Upon this, I said two things to them:

  1. Tell me all the data of the user so that I can personally talk to him (including verified address)
  2. Moneybookers terms and policies clearly states that “money can’t be refund in any case” and if there is any issue contact the seller yourself, then how can this occur ?

Upon this, moneybookers said that actually they don’t have the money with them and the sender did a charge back from his bank and moneybookers couldn’t stop it. And there was no response to the buyers info, even after many emails after this one.

Now wait a minute. First you said that you have put the transaction in dispute and that the winner will get the money, now you’re saying that the money was gone back the first instant! then what was all this drama and all these lies in your policy statement ?

Those who compare moneybookers to paypal, paypal has this refund and fraud issue too, but its known, they state it, they do whats written in their policies.

I trusted moneybookes for my hard earned money, and so do many other innocents who get in their trap of “no refund” policy.

I wish I was in UK to sue them in the court for their scam.

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