How to delete facebook friends on iPhone

With the cool facebook app for iphone some people find it difficult to delete facebook friends on iPhone. This tutorial will guide you by using images about how to delete facebook friends on iPhone.

1. Goto Friends list

Launch the facebook app for iphone and login with your id. Once logged in click on the friends lists icon on upper right to see the friends

This will show you the list of friends in your facebook account

2. Select the friends you want to delete on iPhone

From the list, click on the name of the friend who you want to be deleted from your facebook friends list using iPhone app.

This will launch the friends profile page.

3. Goto current Profile Options

When on the users profile, click the icon on the top right side of the window to show the options related to this facebook friends profile on your iPhone


This will show you options for your friends profile such as add favorite, send a message, poke and unfriend.

4. Unfriend your facebook contact

From the list of options, select “unfriend” to remove the person from your facebook profile.

The contact will be removed from your facebook profile this way.

let me know if you feel any difficulty while trying to delete facebook friends on iPhone.

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