How to Restore Toshiba laptop to factory settings

Sometimes you need to factory restore your laptop (Toshiba specifically for this tutorial).

You may need to factore reset your toshiba laptop after some virus attack or corrupt files which may just be disturbing or in some cases your laptop’s windows may fail to startup even.

Note: All data will be erased on your hard drive if you proceed with this method of restoring your factory settings. Please backup all your important data before resetting windows and settings

How to Restore Toshiba laptop to factory settings

Toshiba laptops have a hidden partition on the hard disk which contains the recovery files (instead of a recovery cd / dvd)

To reinstall your laptops out of the box settings and to factory restore your toshiba laptop to turn it back to default settings, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your toshiba laptop

2. Press and hold the zero (0 ) key and turn on your laptop by pressing down the power button once on your toshiba notebook

3. When the laptop starts and beeps, release the zero key

4. It will give you a warning screen and that if you want to continue or not. Select yes to continue with the system recovery

5. Select Recovery of Factory Default Software and click next

6. Select Recover to out-of-box state and click next

7. Click Next again to Start recovery.

This way you can easily restore your toshiba laptop to factory default settings.

2 comments on “How to Restore Toshiba laptop to factory settings

  1. I attempt to restore my laptop without a disc now I have blank screen with small curser in the top left corner. I have a big black paper weight lol. Do I attempt to fix this or buy a new laptop.

    1. You don’t need to buy a new laptop at all! it’s a software / windows issue and can be fixed very easily! Your laptop is perfectly fine!

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