Cheapest and fastest way to clean your Laptop / monitor screen

Well to some people this might seem stupid because in their view there are many products publicized in the market for the similar purpose of cleaning the laptop screen or monitor screen, but believe me there is no cheaper and fastest way to get the dust and finger marks from your laptop screen off within a few minutes without the hassle to goto market and get some product for it etc.

Please note, this might not be the best way to clean your laptop and monitor screen but is surely the cheapest (don’t know how much will a couple of tissue paper cost!) and fastest (as you don’t have to go and buy some product from market – saving lots of time) I usually use it to clean my macbook screen too :D

Look at the image at the end to see before and after of this process.

So how it’s done? well pretty simple indeed.

1. Turn off your computer monitor/laptop and remove the power.

2. Get a clean dry tissue paper and wipe off the dust gently from the laptop / monitor screen. Please note, don’t rub hard or press on the screen too much. Simply clear off the dust layer from the screen.

3. Get some water bottle or water in the glass and dip another clean tissue paper in it. Take the tissue paper out and press it hard in your index finger and thumb (or what ever way you want) to take out as much water from it as you can, leaving behind just a mildly wet tissue paper.

4. Clean the screen of your laptop with this wet tissue paper gently. Again don’t press too hard on the laptop/monitor screen. Wipe the screen in layers. Means don’t do it in circular and haphazard manner. Either go column wise or row wise and wipe off all your screen.

5. You might notice few lines on the screen after the above process, don’t panic, once you are thoroughly done with the above process, revise step 3 and 4 again but this time making the wiping process faster so that all screen gets wiped within a few seconds. This way prominent lines will not appear.

6. At the end, take a dry clean piece of tissue paper and wipe/clean the screen with it gently and smoothly.

7. Power on your laptop/ computer to see the bright display with no dust or marks on the screen! :)

You can see the difference between the before and after screen to have an idea how well it will work:

The above images are taken while i was writing this article. Infact i was going to clean my macbook screen the same way that’s why i thought to share it with those who might need a fast and cheap way to clean their screens too. :)

The process takes only a few minutes and the results are really fabulous. Please note that the brightness of macbook screen in above images has been reduced to minimum to show the shade (if any) on screen properly.

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  1. LOL
    i hate this process :P
    this is too irritating.
    i hate that lines after that process :D
    so i don’t Touch/clean my screen >:)

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