How to increase battery time of notebook

Different notebook companies have differnt sort of batteries with variable battery life and battery time, like hp, dell, apple macbook, sony viao and toshiba etc.

There are many tips out there to increase your battery time but i have compiled a few most important ways to acheive this.

1. Don’t run the notebook on battery unnecessarily

As the battery life reduces, so does the battery time. So make sure that you don’t use the laptop battery unnecessarily thus ensuring longer battry life and battery time.

2. Stop unnecessary and background applications

background and taskbar applications are one of the main reason for quick depletion of the battery. Goto task manager and turn off un necessary programs that you dont need to increase battery timing.

3. Limit startup programs

Goto start > All Programs > Start and remove all un necessary prgrams from staring when the windows loads.

Also goto: Start > run > msconfig > starup and uncheck all un necessary programs from starting up, including msoffice and adobe products.

4. Screen brightness

Reducing the brightness of the screen also adds a lot to the battery timing, some times upto 100% or more. So reduce the brightness of the display to a level that you feel to be necessary.

5. Ear phones

Using ear phones instead of internal speakers reduces battery depletion too. So to ensure longer battery time, use earphones instead of internal speakers when listening to music or watching a movie on a notebook on battery power.

6. Deplete and Charge Battery

After every few days of battery usage, totally deplete the battery , by running computer on battery only (to 0% battery) and then recharge it to 100%.

7. Switch to power saver power plan

Switch to power saver power plan instead of normal or high performance to reduce the power usage of the system and thus increasing the battery time.

If you want to add more to these tips, please make a note in the comments.

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