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Forgot linksys router wrt54gr password / how to reset settings of the linksys wireless router

Well that day, just like any other day, I slept at night, tired and exhausted from the everyday work and modifications to nabtron without having any clue what’s going to happen to me in some time . . .

I got visited by one of my “efficient” cousin and he tried connecting to my wifi network but he failed because i had setup the password for the linksys network connectivity for security. Well! he decided to play around with it and finally . . . NO! he wasn’t able to fix it, but he corrupted every setting . . .

Anyway, to my amusement, when i tried to login to my linksys wrt54gr wifi router admin panel to fix the problem next day i some how wasn’t able to login to my router’s admin panel! Well . . . if you have had similar experience and now you don’t know how to reset / or retrieve password of your wifi router – linksys wrt54gr router specially then you have landed to a correct page :) simply follow the tutorial to get it fixed.

Forgot linksys router wrt54gr password / how to reset settings of the linksys wireless router

If you have forgotton the linksys router admin access password or for any other want to reset the settings of the  any other linksys wireless wifi router too (other than cisco – linksys wrt54gr router too) simply follow this article.

1. Power on the linksys router

First of all place the power of your linksys wrt54gr router (linksys wireless wifi router) in place and turn it on.

2. Remove all LAN connections from yourlinksys wireless router

Remove all the LAN connections of the wifi router with any computers connected to it.

3. Reset the linksys wireless router

Pick your linksys wrt54gr router in your hands. See its back side and you will find a small pinhole / button to reset the wifi router. Press that button and keep pressed for almost 30 seconds (although just gently pressing it once and releasing works usually but in some cases it might need to be pressed for almost ~30 seconds)

4. Configure your linksys wrt54gr wifi router

Once you have reset the linksys router, now you need to configure it again . Please note that this not only have reset your router’s admin panel password but also now your wrt54gr have got all its settings reset to default too (all LAN, wifi, security, password, access ip address, default name, etc)

You can now access the linksys wrt54gr wifi router admin panel with these details:

Router Configuration page link IP address:

Username: none (blank username)

Password: admin

If the above don’t work, please try these combinations:

Username : Password

root : admin

admin : admin

(blank) : (blank)

admin : (blank)

(blank) : admin

admin : password

Once in the router’s admin panel now you can configure your link sys wrt54gr wifi router normally and also change your login user and password.

If you find any difficulty in logging into your routers admin panel or any error/omissions in the above article do let me know by commenting below :)


  • It doesn’t matter which computer you use to configure your router
  • When you reset it, leave it for a few minutes (2-5) then take off the power and leave it on for 2-5 minutes again before connecting or doing anything
  • When configuring, save it on each page that you make changes to
  • for password, use wpa2 security and use any 8 digit word for your network

136 Responses to Forgot linksys router wrt54gr password / how to reset settings of the linksys wireless router

  1. Georgio H

    i have a linksys spa-3102 router and i have tried doing the whole reset process countless times and i still can’t get the username and password for my router. when i type my ip address in my web window this comes up:
    “A username and password are being requested by The site says: “spa user””.
    ive tried every single username and password combination and still can’t access. Please tell me what im doing wrong.

    • Nabeel

      I don’t own the spa3102 router. However i will try my best to work it out for you if you are unable to get it solved.

      Please try NO username and NO password. Just press enter at blank username and password fields for the spa3102 admin login page.

      If the above don’t work, please try these combinations:

      Username : Password

      admin : admin

      (blank) : (blank)

      admin : (blank)

      (blank) : admin

      admin : password

      • Georgio H

        sorry man none of those worked. By the way if you keep assisting me, thanks so much. This a really bugging me.

        • Nabeel

          were you able to get this solved sir?

  2. Rashed

    your way isnt working.

    tried all types of passwords.

    • Nabeel

      I apologize for not being able to solve your problem. Please note i am not the official service provider of this product, just trying to solve your issue here as much as i can.

  3. Shakib

    how r u nabeel

    • Nabeel

      I am fine, alhamdolillah

    • Nabeel

      how are you and Abu Dhabi? specially Al Wahdah?

      • Georgio

        heyyy i tried resetting my linksys router password using that phone thing
        I was able to reset account password but i cant reset admin account because it asks for a password but i dont know that one.

        • Nabeel

          sorry can you please explain what you mean by phone thing?

          and resetting the router should also reset the admin login and password too ideally.

          • Georgio

            i connected my phone to my router spa-3102 and followed these instructions:
            1. Connect an analog phone to the Linksys ATA and access the IVR by pressing ****.

            2. Press the appropriate code to reset the unit:
            •Press 877778# (USRRST=USeR ReSeT) to reset the unit to the defaults as it shipped from the ITSP/VSP. This will reset the User account password to the default of blank.
            •Press 73738# (RESET) to perform a full reset of unit to the defaults as it shipped from Linksys. This will reset the Admin account password to the default of blank.

            3. Press 1 to confirm the operation.
            Press * to cancel the operation.

            out of the two number things to call only the first one works because the 2nd one requires a password which i have no idea of. Thats the one that i need to reset.

          • Nabeel

            Were you able to fix your issue Georgio?

          • Georgio

            No i havn’t

          • Nabeel

            ok that was very quick reply ! :)

            don’t this part reset the login pass? :

            Press the appropriate code to reset the unit:
            •Press 877778# (USRRST=USeR ReSeT) to reset the unit to the defaults as it shipped from the ITSP/VSP. This will reset the User account password to the default of blank.
            •Press 73738# (RESET) to perform a full reset of unit to the defaults as it shipped from Linksys. This will reset the Admin account password to the default of blank.

          • Georgio

            Yeah but the second part doesnt work because it requires a system password when confirming the reset. They 2 different steps reset different things. Im able to reset the first one without trouble.

          • Nabeel

            I apologize for not being able to help you as i have no experience / access to your model number.

            Did you try:




            got the links from: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/882737.html

  4. Andrea

    I can’t get to the 192.168-1.1 it states problems loading….I have done this previously but not working what else can I try

    • Nabeel

      the ip that you entered is in wrong format: 192.168 ” – ” 1.1

      instead of ” – ” there has to be ” . “

  5. Taras

    Thanks man! You’ve helped me great! All works as you mentioned in your article. )

    • Nabeel

      thanks for confirming Taras :) you’re welcome

  6. Martin

    all advisors writing: connect to: but dont mentioned how? I used a ethernet cabel and I cannot connect to set up password! I used all ports available and nothing (my cable is ok)
    Should I use different one ? crossed or something?
    I hate to be in unsecured wifi all people around can use my net.
    Can U help me step by step?

    • Nabeel

      are you able to connect to wifi admin panel wirelessly? (entering when connected wirelessly) if not, then you first need to reset the router and then connect through the wire (blue one) to change the router settings.

  7. David


    • Nabeel

      welcome David

  8. Ryan

    nabeel my ps3 just signed out so i decided to recover my WEP key from the website you suggested but it askes for a username and password. what should I type in ??

    • Ryan

      PLZ help m8 Im so confused

      • Nabeel

        ryan try these passwords:

        If the above don’t work, please try these combinations:

        Username : Password

        admin : admin

        (blank) : (blank)

        admin : (blank)

        (blank) : admin

        admin : password

  9. Sarah

    I have the WRT54G wireless router and it says that it can not establish an internet connection. However, my computer is online so I know I have a connection. I have reset my router twice. I called the Linksys number & they say they have to reconfigure it & only they can do it & it will cost me $40. I’ve only had it for 2 years & nothing is wrong with the router. Is there anything else I can do?

    • Nabeel

      did you try to configure it? (it usually takes to change it’s ip address only)

    • Nabeel

      is your router fixed now?

      • Sarah

        Sorry, Yes its fixed! Thanks!!

        • Nabeel

          glad to know that :)

  10. TJ

    i have tried everything u have said and i can’t get this to work. I have tried every single combination there is to try and it still doesnt work…i have a wrt54gl router is there any other way to do this?

  11. TJ

    Well i found out what it was after searching through countless articles and forums..

    Username: root

    Password: admin

    This worked for me

    • Nabeel

      thanks for updating TJ, i’ve added this combination to the article too

      please confirm your router model too.

  12. Laura

    Hi there,
    I have a linksys wrt54g2. I am trying to wipe all of the old names and pws out. But some still keep coming up. any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    • Nabeel

      how are you trying to wipe them off?

      • Laura

        I have held the reset button for 30 seconds or so, to bring back to default, re-installed the cd and created a new name and pw. However, on my connections list it still has some of the old user names on it. Maybe it doesnt’ matter for security, I just dodn’t know. Thank you for responding, I appreciate your kindness.

        • Nabeel

          you’re welcome.

          Old usernames / connection names on your computer are just saved history of connections.

          • James

            How would you go about deleting these?

          • Nabeel

            it depends on your operating system.

            Please let me know which operating system are you using?

            also a screen shot with those names will be helpful

  13. Paul

    i have a wrt54g that my sister gave me but she didnt take off the wifi password. when i enabled wifi security it locked me out wanting a username and password. my sister says she doesnt remember what it was. is there a way to reset the wifi security? i cant even get in through becuase it wont let me connect. I hope you can help me.

    • Nabeel

      yes you need to reset the router first by pressing the small reset button at the back side of the router and then configure it again.

  14. Kevin

    Ok, so i changed my security settings from WPA to WEP, then after that my wireless stopped working for some reason, so i attempted to get back into the router but my regular Username: (blank) Password: Admin, didnt work, so i reset my router again, and it didnt work again. My default gateway is so i dont know if that makes a difference cause i know most peoples are

    Oh yea, and im using a linksys router, and some d-link thing that is always connected to it but i never knew what that was for.

    • Nabeel

      probably bad cache issue, should restart your computer and router

  15. Scatt Fiaui

    I was trying to reset my router back to its default settings, and i followed the above steps and it works just fine. problem solved. you are the man! thanks a million.

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome! glad to know that it worked for you!

  16. Earl

    hi nabeel.. i had this issue.. i had a 2nd hand wrt54g a friend gave it to me.. i tried to reset the router, i hold the reset button for 1 minute then powered it off for 1 minute too but nothing happened o,O?? no lan wire was connected to the router when i reseted it just the power cable.. hope you can help me..

    • Nabeel

      I don’t understand the part “nothing happened” . .. ?? what were you expecting to happen?

      After you reset your router, connect the lan wire from router (in any 1 of the four available slots) and your pc / laptop

    • Earl

      the power light just keep on blinking..

      • Earl

        i was expecting that the 4 lights will blink..

        • Nabeel

          can you connect to it through the ip?

          and reset button is the one which you have to press using some thing small and pointed like a pen tip or pin

  17. Milcah

    HI! I have a linksys WRT54G router which is working fine until I decided to change its Password. After resetting the router, I couldn’t connect anymore in the and the WLAN led won’t lit up. How can I fix it? Please help me. I tried several options and tried resetting it for almost 7times and it won’t work. Please help.. i’ve been working on this for more than one day now… :(

    • Nabeel

      make sure you reset properly

      then restart your computer and router both and connect using lan wire from the out port of the router

  18. Helen

    I also have trouble with my linksys WRT54G router. Lights on the router are all good.The internet signals of my desktop and laptop are excellent but I can not access to the browser. I also reset the router but it has the same situation. do I need to change the router ? Hope anyone help me ? thank you.

    • Nabeel

      you need to restart and reset your router and also restart your computer

  19. William

    i type my ip address in… and it comes up Username: Password: i tried all combinations twice but nothing,, any suggestions.?

    • Nabeel

      you need to reset your router first!

  20. david g

    Linksys support told me to do the following: push in the reset button for 20 seconds, then disconnect power for another 20 seconds, and then plug in power. This resets the router to default, namely “linksys.” Then you’re supposed to re-do the settings like “wireless,” etc. My question is, are you supposed to save settings on each of the pages, or do you go through all the wireless settings and then save. Each time I try to save the settings on the page with the password key, it gets hung up; it starts to save and then hangs half way through. Can’t cancel, and if I exit, the router is then locked and I have to do the reset again. Can you explain the procedures step-by-step, including when to save the settings after one resets the router to default and attempts to reconfigure it on the Linksys Webpage? Another question: I have a MacBook Pro and a Dell Inspiron 1526. Does it matter which computer I use to configure the router?

    Thanks. I’ve spent hours and can’t set the router up for password security, only a plain vanilla “linksys” that is unsecured. I need a step-by-step approach.

    Thanking you,

    David G.

    • Nabeel

      It doesn’t matter which computer you use to configure your router

      When you reset it, leave it for a few minutes (2-5) then take off the power and leave it on for 2-5 minutes again before connecting or doing anything

      When configuring, save it on each page that you make changes to

      for password, use wpa2 security and use any 8 digit word for your network

      • david g

        Thanks for the good advice. I got it working with pw security. I chose WPA-Personal. Is that okay?

        — appreciate your help!


        • Nabeel

          yes its good

          • david g

            Thanks, Nabeel!

          • Nabeel

            you’re welcome!

  21. T Long

    A brief history:
    I had Mediacom internet and had my router working without any issues. I changed service providers to AT&T and again had wireless service through the router without any issues. I forgot my password and had to reset the router so I could add another computer to the network and have been unable to use the router since.

    I have followed the set-up directions numerous times without an luck. If I am connected directly to the modem I have internet access. If I connect the router to the computer I can access the router configuration pages. All the lights are working on the front of the computer. All the wires are in the correct ports. If I try to diagnose or repair the router connection the computer tells me it is unable to communicate with the DNS. After two straight nights of working on this I am lost and need help. Any advice that might point me in the right direction would be awesome!


    • Nabeel

      hey Long, did you fix it ???

  22. Lenny

    Was successful resetting my WRT5G2 wireless router. In fact did not have to do any configuring at all. Reset it and wireless worked fine. No security but i have wireless. My father’s however is a different story. Reset it numerous times and it would not work. Got into the settings, but don’t know which ones need to be changed. Successfully added a password, but no wireless. It says connected, but internet won’t work. In addition, running the cable from the modem into the wireless router and then running a cable to the computer does not work either.
    Any help would be appreciated

    • Nabeel

      reset it and leave it there for some minutes before doing anything to it

      restart after reset

      • T Long

        Still no luck with the router. I have reset it and left it sit for 10+ minutes without anything new happening when I reconnected.

        • Nabeel

          when trying to reset, did you press the reset button for some seconds?

      • Lenny

        Have reset it numerouse times and let it sit powered on and off numerous times. And again when i tried to use a hardwire through the router it woudlnt work either.

        • Nabeel


          did you get it solved?

          try holding the restart button (on back of the router) for more than 30 seconds.

  23. Manitou

    Great article.

    Does anyone know why WPA2 does not work with a linksys router? I think it is kind of strange since WPA- Personal, WPA2 and WPA-Enterprise are all encryption modes that are shown under the configuration management. But only WEP seems to work. I have Windows 7. I wonder if that is the issue?

    • Nabeel

      It can be done. I am using wpa2 personal on my router.

      Can you tell me what error you get while trying to set it?

  24. Tim Pasio

    My god man, you saved my life! I hit the stinking reset button, but didn’t hold it down long enough!! 3 hours later……..I found your article.
    The manual for this router SUCKS!
    Thank you Very much!

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Tim! glad to know that it worked for you!

  25. laura

    Hi I’ve been trying to set up my linksys router for 4 days now and I’ve failed miserably. At first I was having trouble with the wires and now that I’ve finally put all the right wires together its asking me for an IP Address, subnet mask, gateway, dns1 and dns2. Someone please help me I’m going insane here!! I just want to set up my laptop and router lol

    • Nabeel

      you don’t need to provide that stuff

      just reset your router and change the ip only

  26. sofia

    forgot my password and tried doing as you suggested, but…

    Safari can’t open the page “” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.

    Now what????????

    • Nabeel

      did you try resetting again?

      also, did you connect the modem with your computer using the wire correctly?

  27. Tom

    This worked!!! I have been trying to get my laptop to connect for over a week to no avail. I always wound up with the message saying I was “unable to connect to the home group”. So, I called both linksys support & my laptop support…but they were no help whatsoever & wanted $$$$$ to do much of anything. I know the router was working being as I connected to my Wii, and I know the laptop wireless connection was also working as I was able to connect to other wireless places, such as some locals have free wireless access. I went to the computer shop & they also wanted me to sign up for a 1 year service contract to help for $200…..NOT! So, I went to an out of town computer repair shop that was great, but they showed me how my laptop was problem free, & could connect to any wireless access point they found…at no charge! So, I was back at square one until I found this site. I have a WRT54GS router, & has pushed the reset on front at least 100 times over the last week, but after reading this, I found the one on the back. I held it for about 45 seconds & then the lights began to flash for what seemed forever. Then, I read farther down where it said to unplug the router as well. That’s when everything came back to life! Sorry for the long reply, but the excitement, & mostly relief, has me wound up.
    THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!,

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that it worked for you Tom!!!

      (btw, I accept paypal :p)

  28. Janet

    If I hook up a WRT54GS Llnksys Wireless-G Router to my cp… how do I get the internet to work on a second cp in a different room.TIA iy someone can help.

    • Nabeel

      once you configure the wireless router, you can connect from any wifi enabled device wirelessly!

  29. German D

    this all worked but now iam having a problem setting up the wireless part, i have no idea how to set it up for my xbox slim to connect to it. plz any help?

    • Nabeel

      what part is troubling you exactly ?

      Once you have all setup your router, given it a name and password, you can connect easily through any wifi enabled device!

  30. Rachel

    I have tried and tried, with no success. I have tried all of the password options and they dont work… I am wondering if this might be why when I type in the username/password screen gives this “Warning: This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection).”
    I have unplugged, reset, waited and nothing??

    • Nabeel

      which operating system and browser are you using?

      also, what’s the issues that you exactly want the solution for? this warning message? or something else?

  31. Hemal T

    Thanks! recently my E3000 went faulty and while LinkSys was shipping me a replacement, It was going to take 5 days to get to me. Thankfully i had a WRT54G that i was not using and it came in handy. The problem was that the LinkSys installer that came with the router was not compatible with Win 7 and I had to Google to get help. Your tips were awesome and the router was up and running within seconds!

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that the post was helpful :)

  32. Chris

    I did this and got it to work then when I set a password it stoped working, so I removed the password and it still isn’t working. all the while my iPhone can still read the router is on, I know my fair share when dealing with computers and this is bothering me. Any suggestions? Not the obviouse stupid ones….

    • Nabeel

      reset the router and shut it down (remove wires) for a few minutes

      remove / delete the router from the connection list in the windows and shut down the computer, remove the wires for a few minutes

      Turn them on and start again, should work now

  33. Azman Mamat

    Hi there, im unable to connect to my linksys router BEFW1154. Im able to connect using cable but not wireless even though im able to see my SSID.


    Ace Man

    • Nabeel

      is your wireless router configured properly?

  34. mohamed burtugey

    Hello, Nabeel.
    I have problem with entering the router as I knew reseting and so on cases but as this is new and never saw it I got shocked and Tired so, if u can help this what appears after Login:
    up.htm (error edited due to irrelevance, it was device fault)

    • Nabeel

      which browser are you using?

  35. maxamed

    I am using IE but I tried all the Browsers e.g Fire-fox or Chrome but anyway I contact with the manufactor and they told that my device has gone bad and no other solution only replacement

  36. milan

    hey i cant go to my basic setup when i insert can you please reply me thank you very much

    • Nabeel

      have you reset the router properly first?

      turn off the computer + router for some time and then start again and then try to access

  37. Isabel

    My router just turned off on me last night. Not the first time that has happened.
    Did EVERYTHING as described. I knew what to do in the first place, since I had done this a couple of times, but now I keep running into the following problem:
    When trying to go on it tells me that Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. Tried it several times, also tried resetting all morning. Also my router is not to be found as a Wireless Network, while I find my neighbors networks.
    Is the router just garbage? Before buying a new one I’d like to know, whether I tried everything, so I appreciate any kind of input.
    Thanks in advance!

  38. anna mcfarlane

    hi, i have a linksy router but my internet is suplyed by toyota as my step dad works for them, i doesnt let you access the set up for the router or anything. I was having a problem connecting my ipod, my laptop connects fine after i got the password, but my ipod doesnt even find the router… was wondering if reseting the router would damage anything or wether id be able to set it up again :S
    would be very greatfull if you could reply, thanks xx

    • Nabeel

      if the laptop can connect to router successfully then it’s working fine probably, no need to reset it.

      First try connecting your iPod to some other router to confirm that it’s working fine (and that wifi is turned on!)

  39. Muthu

    Man! you are simply the SAVIOR. Thanks. I got my wireless network reset, plus now I have set it as secured WAP2. Thank You.

    • Nabeel

      Glad to know that, you’re welcome!

  40. James

    I’ve gone through most of these steps. I’m showing as “connected” with strong signal strength. I simply can’t access any web pages. Any ideas? Work fine when hooked up to the modem.

    • Nabeel

      first of all make sure that you can connect to internet if you connect the adsl modem directly to your computer and then proceed.

  41. kevin

    When i pull up the page I entered username and password. Page loaded but was blank. What do i do?

    • Nabeel

      try moving power for few minutes, also restart your computer

  42. sally

    i pressed reset button a few days ago by accident and my router wont work. every time am prompted to enter user and password. i enter as you directed above and computer states password or username invalid. am using a mac

    please help me

    • Nabeel

      is your router model the same as the ones discussed here?

  43. Victor

    Yesterday, I just set up a password on my Linksys router and now I when I try to use my internet browser, I cannot go anywhere; even though I am connected to my wireless router. Can someone please assist me? Thank you.

    • Nabeel

      remove the password and check if it works without it

  44. Kira

    When im configuring the router i keep getting disconnect from the website. Is there anyway to fix this

    • Nabeel

      restart your router and computer

      Also make sure that the wires are connected properly

    • Nabeel

      did you get it solved?

  45. Kimberlee

    I have a Dell Inspirion 1500 and am trying to go wireless with Comcast and my Linksys WRTU54G router. I cannot even get the IP to come up, so I am stuck. I do not have a way to plug the ethernet into a wall jack. I am not so concerned about wireless for my laptop as I need the extra ethernet port on the router for my BluRay.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You.

    • Nabeel

      you need to reset the router to get the default ip to kick it!

  46. Victor

    Thank you Nabeel for your assistance. Fortunately, Verizon resolved the issue on my second call to them.

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that :) if you would like to share the solution too!?

      • Victor

        Unfortunately, I do not know what Verizon did. I apologize to Nabeel and the readers for the inconvenience.

        • Nabeel

          its ok :) Glad to know that your problem got fixed!

  47. Michael

    None of the admin/password combinations work and I for some reason can’t get the linksys software to detect my router even though it’s directly connected to the computer. The internet’s fine, but the linksys easy link advisor software doesn’t detect the router itself. Very confused.

    • Nabeel

      did you reset it?

  48. Pam

    thanks your advice was very useful and got me going again after pulling out my hair.

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Pam!

  49. Carter Tillage

    I’ve been instructed by the Help people assisting me in setting up my Filtrete wireless thermostat that I need to change my security from WEP to WPA or WPA2. Apparently I’ don’t have the correct username and pw for the Server security log on screen. Any help retrieving the lost pws and uns appreciated.

    • Nabtron

      sorry to hear that Carter, did you check the leaflet with the device for default login and passwords? did you try calling their helpline for that ?

  50. Tom

    This worked by keeping username blank and no caps “admin” as the password, just as you explained. Thank you!!!!

    • Nabtron

      glad to know that the login and password combination from the ones given above worked for you to login to your tp link router :)

  51. dj

    none of the passwords work and i reset

    • Nabtron

      were you able to login successfully once the tp-link router was reset ? which login and password did you use then to get into the tp link admin panel?

  52. Kwerner

    I’m looking to do this to my aunts computer but she works from home hardwired and then also has wireless. Will this mess up her hardwired computer?

    • Nabtron

      if she will have dsl wire plugged into the computer then the system will probably prefer the line connection over the wireless one until you change that from network settings.

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