Can’t access router admin configuration page (

I have received comments from many visitors on linksys wrt54gr router configuration post that they are unable to open the router admin configuration page after resetting or otherwise too in some cases.

This post explains the possible issues and list outs ways to solve them.

linksys admin configuration panel can't accessPlease note, I’m writing this post keeping in mind the linksys wrt54gr wireless router, but most of the steps are general and should work for any other router too (wifi and non-wifi both)

This post tries to solve the issues such as:

  1. not accessible (can’t find page)
  2. wifi network not visible, however others are visible
  3. other related issues

These issues can be due to several reasons:

1. router issues – that’s what we are trying to solve

2. windows issues – goto computer saved networks and delete “all”, restart your computer and try again

3. isp issues, which caused incorrect values being cached – complex mayb, not to be discussed here though
So to solve these issues we need to do a few general but important steps:

  1. first of all, remove all saved networks from your computer wifi networks list and restart the computer
  2. remove the incoming lan wire to the router (from the adsl modem) so that we can make sure that the issue is with router only
  3. turn off the wireless router, keep the power cord removed for a few minutes,
  4. turn off the adsl modem and keep the power cord removed for few minutes

Now, after all this is done ( + reset your router if you needed to do it too ) you are now ready to start the process.

  1. Connect the adsl modem and wifi router power cables – but don’t connect the adsl modem and wireless router with each other and leave them for few minutes.
  2. search for wireless connections available in your windows / Mac OS-X
  3. connect to the network
  4. try accessing the router configuration page
  5. connect the adsl modem with the wireless router
  6. check for internet connection

If now the router and internet works this time, then you have to :

check your power cables of adsel modem, router and computer, because any of these could be having sparks or lose connection possibly.

Let me know if you are still having any issues.

3 comments on “Can’t access router admin configuration page (

  1. I was not getting console page of the router. yesterday I had call with TWC n/w support and I think they blocked (if they can ) this access. I was not able to telnet 80 (port 80) and was not able to do so.

    As mentioned in the above article, I did the following:
    Remove power cable (reset)
    Remove Time Warner cable- cable (I have wireless router)

    Wait for 1 min
    reconnect everything back and it is working.
    Thanks for this article!!!

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