Setup wateen internet device with linksys wifi router

This eid PTCL employees went on a strike and cut off phone lines which affected my landline and broadband dsl associated with it, so i planned to take out the old wateen device and use it till the lines get restored. I use linksys wrt54gr wifi router at my home so that all the devices can connect to it.

Here I’ll share simple method of connecting linksys wifi router and wateen telecom Pakistan’s internet + phone device to provide a wifi network in your home or office.

First of all, connect the wateen device directly to your computer and make sure that internet is working properly. Once the device is setup and confirmed to be working correctly, take out the dsl wire from your computer and follow this procedure:

1. Reset your linksys wifi router

If you have been using wifi router before (like i was with ptcl landline connection) or you tried already configuring it, reset the modem.

2. Connect linksys wifi modem with wateen device

Once the router is all reset (give it 1 min atleast after you reset it) insert the wire from your wateen telecom device into the linksys wifi router.

3. Connect and configure your wifi router

Connect to the linksys wifi router option in your laptop / device from available connection options (wirelessly) and open your favorite browser (internet explorer, mozilla firefox, opera, safari, chrome, etc) and enter this in the address bar:

This will take you into the routers admin panel (username: admin password: admin)

Once in there, configure the router and set a password to your wireless connection (security encryption)

This will log you out of the connection upon saving it. Connect to the connection again using the password that you just chosed.

Now you can browse the internet safely and successfully through your wateen telecom device and internet connection using your linksys wifi router for wireless facility.

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    1. then your device ip would be different

      you can either call their customer support to know the procedure to find device ip or else you can ask me over call / chat (fees will be paid via credit transfer to me)

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