facebook access restricted (bad ip) – orange issue

Today i got many visits and comments on the previous post Facebook Error: Access restricted (Bad IP) however when i created the post it was because of different reason but maybe there is some new bug with Orange mobile which is causing many users trouble while accessing their facebook accounts from iPhone or other cell phones.

The error says:

You are trying to access Facebook from an IP (Internet Protocol) address that has been associated with abusive behavior. You may request to have this block lifted from Facebook by contacting us below.

This is definitely a IP address issue of some sort. As this issue is being faced suddenly by many orange users (iPhone and non-iPhone ones) it shows there is some recent issue between orange mobile and facebook.

One of the visitors informed that when they tried contacting the customer service for this issue they had response by a tape. He said:

ive just rang orange also and there is a voice message that says that they are having a problem with facebook login and they are working on fixing the problem stil

Hopefully this issue will be solved withing couple of hours! and it should be ofcourse!

This Pam’s comment worked for most users:

Had the same problem since last Fri. Finally managed to fix it by going into ‘browser settings’ on my orange phone, ‘profile settings’, ‘GPRS WAP’ then scroll down and ‘disable proxy’….all sorted now!!

Check this post for ways to fix facebook access restricted error.

40 comments on “facebook access restricted (bad ip) – orange issue

  1. why has my facebook account on my phone got access restricted (bad ip) and I can not log on wheh on the computer the same account is running smoothly. I need this restriction removed from my account on my phone so I can continue to enjoy facebook. Please advise when this has been sorted.

  2. I’ve been having bad ip message too thro orange, however when I log on via opera on my mobile, no problem so maybe people can try that instead.

  3. This happened to me, I was trying to figure out what was wrong for awhile. I just turned the ‘Proxy Settings’ Off and then it worked for me. :)

  4. Ive had this problem for 2 days anyone know how to fix it? and is it worth ringing orange ? Im not a facebook addict or anything but when you pay for a service it should be available

  5. Aparently its a facebook problem not orange as my friend on 02 and 3 are both having the same problem this has been 4 days now

  6. I have had the same problem since Sat (18 Sep).
    I am using an old mobile and I am unable to see the text you are required to submit for the security questions – it is continually loading…. and therefore can not request to have my block removed.
    I am also with Orange and getting really annoyed after 3 days!

    1. Mines doing exactly the same thing I cant work out how to get it fixed because it wont load the security question -.- I cant work out how to turn off the proxy like some people are saying and i’m on orange too so have truly no clue what to do! If anyone has any idea how to turn the proxy off let me know please :)

  7. Iv had this for days now on both my orange phones, thought it was just me. Am very annoyed. Does any 1 no whats goin on or how long its goin 2 be 2 get fixed??

  8. Had the same problem since last Fri. Finally managed to fix it by going into ‘browser settings’ on my orange phone, ‘profile settings’, ‘GPRS WAP’ then scroll down and ‘disable proxy’….all sorted now!!

  9. hi my facebook has a bad ip on my mobile could you fix this problem please i have paid for my internet time and expect to use it 07896001916 many thaks LJ

  10. Hi everyone, I work for facebook and would like too say that facebook are dealing with the problem and we will get back too all your emails as soon as possible, This is a security problems, As someone who works for facebook has messed up the system, Please wait and we will get back too you soon.

  11. i have just tried turning my proxy settings of from orange uk wap to orange uk internet & my facebook worked.
    i then tried putting it back on orange uk wap & now it doesnt work again
    so my setting needs to be set at orange uk internet.
    this was sorted out from reading other peoples comments
    thankyou :):):)
    my phone was doing my head in i thought someone had been on my facebook account lol

  12. on my phone i dont have the option to change proxy. i read somewhere that fb has banned a few ip’s and every time u turn your phone off and on you have a different ip. so if u take your sim out for 3 mins and turn your phone on it should work with a different ip. apparently it could take up to 20 times. ive done 3 times and hasnt worked yet

  13. I have had this problem trying to get on Facebook for about a week now I have a SamsungGt C3150 cannot trun my settings off as it isnt highlighted any advice please

  14. i havent been able to get on2 facebook via mobile for a week now and its drivin me mad, it says to contact them and gives you security words 2 type out yet it doesnt load the words grrrrrrrr and i have no proxy settings on my samsung, how long is it going to take to resolve this problem?????????????

  15. hi again, just changed from orange gprs internet to just orange internet and its worked YAY !!!!!!! hope it works for you people also !!!

  16. HI
    I’ve had this problem for the last 3 days and its very annoying as I have free facebook on my phone.
    I have a LG pop (GD510), I can’t figure out how to turn the internet proxy off on the gprs internet but its off on the orange internet and its still not working. any ideas?

  17. Hi everyone, I’ve got a samsung and I’ve managed to get it working by changing from GPRS to just Orange Internet in the profile settings.. does anyone know if Orange charge more for this as I have unlimited Internet or will it still be included in that bundle? Thanks, hope you all get it working soon!!

  18. I’m also having this problem.. I tried to turn off my proxy – that didnt work. I changed to Orange Internet rather than gprs – that didnt work. Now I cant even get onto any websites because its saying that “there is something wrong with the page you tried to access. choose another link”. Now what do I do?!

  19. I’ve got the Samsung tocco lite and at first, facebook would work fine. Now it always says access restricted, bad ip, ive been on the phone to customer service many of times and their useless! Does anyone know how to resolve this problem??

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