Access Restricted (Bad IP) – another Facebook ****

I was just trying to change my display picture on my facebook account and as soon as i clicked on make this my profile picture it got me logged out saying that access is restricted!

No wait! i opened facebook again and it worked! comeon! what the hell is this! block properly if you are blocking! why playing around? If you can’t fix bugs in your script then please mention it in your policies too!

This is what i got:

You are trying to access Facebook from an IP (Internet Protocol) address that has been associated with abusive behavior. You may request to have this block lifted from Facebook by contacting us below.

The email address where you can be reached. If you are able to access your login email address, enter that here.

Please explain why you think this is an error

See this image for the error stuff on facebook too:

Don’t know if people from other countries are having this issue too or are they trying to take some sort of revenge from Pakistan and other related countries as facebook is really crappy since the Muhammad (pbuh) images event page was hacked by Pakistani hackers.

Anyway restricted access .  . . probably due to proxy? (in view of facebook!) LOL!

For those who are facing issue with Orange mobile, please check this post.

Check this post for ways to fix facebook access restricted error.

78 comments on “Access Restricted (Bad IP) – another Facebook ****

  1. I have not used any abbusive behaviour. I would like facebook to be unblocked please. I need to go on it, its really important.

  2. i got this message this morning on my mobile….haven’t used any abusive behaviour! trying to unblock it but the words i need to type into the security box won’t show up on my phone???

        1. I’m having same problem too, started this morning. No idea if I’m on a static IP, its just a mobile…. can log on fine on PC. also can’t report error cos security image wont load on phone!! sounds like another fb mobile screw up if so many people are having this problem though…

        1. Are you all on orange?
          As i am and it is happening to all orange customers.
          orange use external ip address for many users and therefore some idiot has been stupid and has caused havoc.

          using iphone via 3g there is no ip address however using through wi-fi will get a new ip. you can change the proxy through that. I have not tried this yet as i’m at work.

  3. I got this message this morning too on my mobile. Don’t understand what the issue is. I’ve been using it on my phone fine for weeks.


  4. ive had the same trouble for the last 2 days but i download a program called hotspot shield from

    and its fixed it for me so it might for you. what you got too lose. just run and install it too youre computer and try logging in again. there is a downside though you get a lil box that comes across the top of youre browser everytime the browser refreshes the page. it is removable by clicking on the lil x in the top right hand corner. it can get annoying but you get used too it being there after a while if youre desperate to get on facebook just give it a try. you can always uninstall it

    1. No you silly rabbit can you not read its orange and smart phones that are having this problem. We can access facebook through out computers.

      It is orange however the fix is not that simple as alot of ip address have be affected.

  5. This is coming just on my mobile phone and cause the majority of the time i would like it too check facebook on my mobile it’s important that it starts working again. This isn’t just happening with me but also my mum and my boyfriend.. yet i can get on perfectly fine on my laptop. I would like the problem resolved asap as i am not willing too put my details, etc in this form thing that pops up cause as far as i am aware this could be a virus xx

  6. Hi

    I too just got the same message when trying to access FaceBook on my iPhone. I certainly have not been abusive on Facebook. If I had then surely they would ban my account by email or account name rather than IP address. I have submitted a review so hopefully they will sort it out promptly.

  7. I started having this same problem on my mobile this morning as well. It seems to be a few people that are affected, is it something to do with 3G?

  8. Same problem, yesterday was ok, but this morning im getting the message on my phone aswell! Login on the pc is fine though.

    Facebook places has launched today, specifically for mobiles, wondering if thats had some effect??

  9. What network is everyone on? I am Orange. I can log into Facebook on my computer and it has nothing about this in the Help Centre.

    1. I’m on orange and have had the EXACT same problem! It’s driving me crazyyyyy. I’m glad I’m not the only one, I was panicking thinking what ‘abusive behaviour’ I’d apparently done!

      1. mines doing the same and im on orange! im fine on my laptop but not on my phone, i feel so much better knowing im not on my own with this!! i was like ” im not abusive, iv never been horrible!!”

  10. Same issue here, with an iPhone on Orange, cannot use the facebook app as will not login. also unable to log in(get Bad IP message) if using through Safari

  11. Hi, im realy confused its happened to me to, i dont realy want to factory reset my fone (not that it will help prob?!) what are we going to do? i dont no how to contact fb could someone pleeeeeease help??!!

  12. I’ve got the same message. mobile internet settings don’t have an ip address(it’s blank anyway) tried filling it in with a dummy ip address and it hasn’t solved the issue. Is this just an orange network thing? People in my office with other networks seem to be ok.

  13. same here i carnt get on facebook on my mobile for the same reason but i can on my laptop. does anyone know how to fix it yet?

  14. Same here,works fine on my tmobile phone,bought an orange phone just over a week ago,its been fine until v.early Thurs morning,then it worked a few hours after filling in that form,then the same time early hours this morning its doing it again,only this time i fill in the form and it wont send it through,maybe it is orange? FB now doesnt work through orangeworld or operamini =/ Good thing i still have tmobile internet for another month or too,twitter is fine on orange though!

  15. Me too. Im on orange. Bad IP etc. Works fine on laptop.
    I’d leave it for a bit as it’s obviously a widespread problem and im sure Orange will sort it. Just be patient.

    1. well done for ringing them im at work so couldnt ring them!! was wondering who i had abused?!! lol thanku to every1 for writin on this website cuz i thort i was the onli one!!

  16. yes iv had the very same problem 2day i am also on orange it was workin fine yesturday but wen i log on it says the “access restricted (bad ip)” and i also cant type the security letters in as the just say loading this is a very annoying problem i would like it resolved asap i wonder if it worth ringing orange to see if they can help

  17. My iPhone is on orange and doesn’t update status or see new posts also says unable to load at this time, went on safari and says bad ip abusive behavior? I’ve done nothing so what the hell is going on it has to be fixed asap!

  18. well its obvious its all us orange users isn’t it! Orange is shite with the Iphone…I get rubbish signal too
    I have already had a go at someone as i thought they were the ones who reported me for being abusive!

    1. I was trying to work out who could have reported me, but I don’t even write swear words. I then thought maybe I have written something that someone had taken offense at, but still couldnt think of anything?!
      My signal is woeful too – it is currently leaning on a window ledge as I don’t get a signal in my office :-(

  19. Me also!! Tried to log on from iphone to fb from safari and fb app and same message I’ve sent off the email and they’re looking into it apparently but I’ve heard this can take ages! Yes I’m on orange network as well.

  20. ive just rang orange also and there is a voice message that says that they are having a problem with facebook login and they are working on fixing the problem stil

  21. Me too – bloody nightmare, i was worrying thinking what could I have possibly done! I normally get a five star service from Orange and never doubted it, but must be wrong.

  22. I’m have same issue and I’m on orange with iPhone. And I totally agree with one of the previous posts. “orange are totally shit with the iPhone”

    I get really bad signal with them aswel but only ever had the problem with the iPhone not my other mobs with them

    And I have unlimited/limited Internet data usage which actually is only 500megabites and I found this out after getting two bills each for £100 cos I had used 1500megabites as the iPhone apparently uses a lot more data
    Well shouldn’t orange make sure there unlimited Internet is anywhere near enough to accommodate for the iPhones high data usage accordingly.

    It’s stupid cos now I have to turn my notifications and everything off so I don’t go over my data usage which is disappointing cos they are nice main features of the iPhone

  23. Having same problem, just got the samsung galaxy s yesterday with orange and was worrying that it was a problem with my phone, phew for that but stull really annoying!!!

  24. I’m on Orange (not an iPhone though) and have had the same problem today. Just another reason to add to my list when I ring to tell them I’m leaving! :(

  25. Me to sony ericson xperia and same stupid problem, reception and 3G have been abs shite too the past couple of weeks!

  26. mine is working now thanx to everyone 4 there comments it helped me as i couldnt find anywhere that was helping me and didnt undrestand what was goin on thanx

  27. Change the Proxy setting to NO.
    After 3 days of no Facebook & submitting stupid requests I finally have access, by just changing the proxy setting!

  28. You need to disable the proxy on your orange phone. I did it by going into ‘settings’, then ‘browser settings’,then ‘profile settings’, then ‘orange GPRS WAP’ then ‘disable proxy’…..all sorted now

  29. I have a Sony Ericsson Satio …….. Been on phone to orange ,but don’t think the women knew what she was talking about .. great help… and anyone tell me how to disable proxy on my model ?? ..The futures bright my arse!! :D

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