TP-Link WR740N configuration (ptcl Pakistan)

A friend of mine bought a TP-Link WR740N wireless router recently but was confused about his tp link router setting that how to configure it on local PTCL broadband in Pakistan. Here is simple guide which will work with any other network in other countries too hopefully.

If you want to configure your tp-link wr740n wireless network, simply follow this tutorial. Please let me know through comments if you feel any difficulty while configuring it.

Before we start tp link router setting, make sure:

  1. If you have already tried configuring the router, reset it to default tp link router settings so that we start from scratch
  2. you have ptcl adsl / broadband modem connected and verified that it is working properly (or any other company’s connection which you’re using)

1. Connect the adsl modem and the wireless tp-link router

tp link router settingsFirst step is to connect the two devices, the wireless router and the modem in such a way that the wire coming from the dsl modem goes into the WAN port (blue one) on the tp-link wr740n wireless router.

2. Connect the wireless router to computer

Connect the wireless router to the computer using the LAN wire. Don’t plug the wire in the WAN (blue color) port on the wireless router, instead insert it in any one of the available four ports on the wifi router.

3. Login to tp link router admin panel

To configure the router, open this ip in your browser window to goto the tp link router admin panel:

Login to the admin panel by using:

username: admin
password: admin

4. Change the tp link router router IP address

Goto (in left menu) Network > LAN

and change the IP Address from


Now you need to reopen the router configuration page by going to in your browser window

5. Configure WAN setup

In the left menu, click on Network > WAN

On the WAN settings page, change WAN Connection Type: to Dynamic (or you can press Detect button in front of WAN connection type too to auto detect the type if it is different from Dynamic)

Once done, click on Renew button below, on the same page to get the IP Address, subnet mask and default gateway and click Save.

6. Setup tp link router password

It’s recommended to secure your network (unless it is supposed to be a public network)

Goto (in left menu): Wireless > Wireless Security

On that page, goto the end of the page and select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, and add a 8 digit password in the password field and click save.

7. Restart after saving tp link router settings

It’s recommended to restart your tp-link wr740n router after finishing the wireless configuration and then start using the wifi connection.

134 comments on “TP-Link WR740N configuration (ptcl Pakistan)

  1. Nabeel…kindly tell me y should i connect the wireless router to my computer by lan cable…what if a have a laptop and i want to connect with wifi…

  2. Nabeel…please tell me y should i connect the lan cable to wireless router…y can’t i connect my laptop with the wireless router using wifi and do these configurations…

    1. You should be able to connect to it through wireless connection too on most of the routers, but some need to be configured before being connected through wifi

      1. Thanx for the prompt reply Nabeel…please do clarify me…what i understand from ur reply is that i need to connect the router via LAN cable for the first time only….once it is configured i wont need the LAN cable…right…

      1. men windows vista use kar raha haun. enter karta hun iexplorer men to user name password error aata hai. koi solution bataen. windows vista 32bit hai.

  3. well i hve done all this but w router is not working .whn evr i go to wan it did not detct dynamin n whn i auto detect it it says static ip …wht shld i doo

  4. salam i buy new WiFi router tplink TL-WR741ND 150Mbps Wireless and i want to secure it by the following steps as you told it on the top of is page but step3 is not working with Google chrome or internet explorer 8 i am connected with net and using it wireless on my laptop but it is note secured i try but cant figured it out help me..

  5. Dear Nabeel,
    I can connect to Internet using the cable but just when I disconnect, even is not available.
    Please what to do?
    (I have a PPPoe WAN connection type and the WIFI is well configured)

    Best regards

  6. I just bought a TP Link WR740N wireless router and I use a local internet provider ISP(4Star Cable lahore Cantt.).
    I start installation from CD provided with router. Followed all what it says i mean wiring diagram and lights on router interface checked. Started installation.

    Selected “PPPoE” and entered “username” and “PW” and “Security high (1st one out of given three options)”

    Router starts to be configured ,,,, 1st “tick mark” done ,, but before the next “tick mark” it says “Router Configuration failed, check parameters”

    Qustion: What should I do in order to make my router working.

    Your provided procedure can be applied after my problem gets solved; am I right?

  7. Thank You Mr. Nabeel So much…

    I thought that both CD and this very procedure both were necessary.

    AND that error which came at last was actually as following;

    Failed to varify router settings
    1.Please check WAN connection type and parameters.
    2.Check your network connectivity and retry.
    (In my previous post, I typed some wrong info about this error)

  8. My laptop is an old model so although it did find the wireless network and recognized it but couldn’t connect to it. changing the router’s WiFi setting from max to lower ones solved my problem. This might be helpful for someone.

  9. Assalam o alaikum
    thx bhai for putting a wonderful tutorial :)
    mairay sath aik masla araha hai….sb kuch theek hojata hai laikin na DSL laptop k saath connect hota hai na Wi-Fi laptop k sath hota hai aur na hi mobile k saath, show yahi karta hai k connect hogaya hai laikin kuch khulta nahi hai …… :S
    plz help me thank you so much…..

  10. Salam….
    Mr. Nabeel thanks you soooooooooo much , it makes so simple to configure the wireless router TL- WR740n so simple……
    i was facing the problem that internet can be accessed by wifi but the those 4 LAN port did not allow internet access, because of faulty configuration by me… after reading this tutorial, now both wifi and LAN can use Internet…. :) :) :)
    Thnxxx again

  11. salam 0 alikum
    thx for guide is awsome ………..
    sab kch theek chal raha hia but laptop ka wifi connect nahi ho raha Plz help me.

  12. i bought wr741nd router, i have followed your given steps but when i change the address to, it restarts. after that i open that address but cant. i reset the router and tried again but still same problem. could you guide me thanks.

  13. Yar Ip exist error arha hia wireless device(laptop wireless) and desktop compute main so ne guide for that ?

    1. disconnect your computer and laptop from router. Restart all three of them. Infact turn off and remove power cable for 1 minute and then turn on again and then connect.

    2. make sure that your computer don’t have ip defined in network properties (network connections > Lan > properties) . Keep it set to automatic

  14. thanks a lot. for your little guide regarding tp-link wr740n, it sounds like working, i will try it……thanks

  15. JazakALLAH bro nabeel,

    it was straight and wonderful.I just need to ask you one thing more.I have one connection of ptcl and a pc and on laptop im using wifi net but for PC I need cable as well.So do I have to take one from DSL Modem or from router.

    Asalam o alaikum,

      1. JazakALLAH bro,
        there is another problem that is coming .I need to increase range.Is there any antenna available or do I have to fabricate my own?

        1. the range is affected by the number of walls between the router and the device.

          Try placing the router in the center of your home, and when in room sit in a place which makes the door between you and router instead of walls.

  16. aoa bhai
    theres a problem
    everything works fine
    but in the end
    internet doesnt work
    not on my laptop not on mt mobile
    help me out plz

        1. you’re from Islamabad, contact me on my cell: 0336 *******

          I’ll work it out for you inshaAllah

  17. hey bro everything goes fine
    but in the end no internet
    not on my copm (on which i configured the wifi settings)
    not on my mob
    not on my laptop




  19. Mr. NAbeel
    Mera saath bhee ek confusion hay… how to attach three routers with modem…. do i have to configure all three routers to ip like… to and the second one to and the third one to… will it work with dynamic IP and can be attached with all mobile,, laptop,, and computer

  20. nabeel bhai , i want to setup to wifi routers on ptcl adsl modem , how can i configure it , can u plz tell me ? thnx in advance

  21. hi when done with all configration mentioned above should we leave cable coming from modem in blue port in router or should put it in one of those 4 yellow lan ports

  22. well work bro…but laptop not ping to tp-link wr740N router when apply WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security (mobile and pc working fine)…..laptop display full connect with router
    laptop work when disable the security…….

      1. yes bro restart laptop, dsl and router too……when apply security then laptop not ping to router but wireless signal strength very good display….laptop work when disable security only

  23. Dear Dr. Nabeel,

    Ref. to my TP-linkWR740N router set up i used web based utility to config my router and it seems something wrong hence i am facing these difficulties:
    1. i cant access internet from my desktop pc after i connect my Ethernet WAN cable to the router
    2. my web based utility status says:
    Traffic Statistics
    Received Sent
    Bytes: 0 0
    Packets: 0 0
    3. My Apple I-phone 3g able to detect my Wi-fi, but unable to connect to internet – stating error message “safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding”.

    Please advice to fix the above said errors.
    best regards,

      1. Dear Brother Nabil,
        i changed the tp link ip to, its working perfectly now, thanks a lot and keep it up. JazakALLAH.

  24. Thanks a lot Nabeel.
    I was on the brink of getting the router replaced as the person who sold me this router clearly stated that no settings are required and it would work flawlessly once the procedure given on the CD is followed. I saw your post just in time and saved me a lot of trouble.
    Thanks again
    Keep up the good work

  25. Hello nabeel bhai how are you?
    I am considering buying a wifi router for my PTCL and I will use it through my laptop. I am not sure which wifi router I should buy. Can you suggest me any good model? I am considering buying TPLINK-TL-WR741ND or tenda W316R or tenda W268R. Can you tell me which of these is best?
    Plus, will I get good connectivity on the ground floor? i have a two story home. I am currently using a wimax connection for laptop but it doesnt catch signals on ground so I am considering converting my current PTCL DSL into WIFi..Will it work fine?

    1. tp link works fine on double story setups

      haven’t used tenda so can’t comment about it

      best option is to get one from a friend of yours and test it out before investing in it for a wifi setup at your home

      1. Hello,
        thanks for replying. Okay, but which one is better of the TPLINK routers?TL-WR740N or TL-WR741ND which one is better?

  26. Sir the problem with my router is that it keep on restarting every 10-15 seconds. What is the problem? or if anybody / Dr. Nabeel u know the solution ?

      1. sir please guide i did all the settings and now at the end my computer does not connects to the wireless network i set up with ur instructions

  27. Dear Nabeel
    I have ZTE Modem and it works fine,i just connect Router TL-WR740N to this Modem, and I do all the configuration methods like CD,Quick setup,your configuration method and still not working i chose the dynamic ip, but also dont have ip address on the router status page,,what can i do is it modem setting

  28. plz tell for which the Tp-link is used with DSL modem?
    Is used to enhence speed or distributed more connection to others?
    I have 2MB ptcl Broadband connection what happend if i attache a 300Mbps Tp-link With it.
    Kindly Guide Me Brefly

  29. my tp link wireless router wr740n is not workink properly.i changed my ip adress too but the problem still cables are also attached properly.all lights of the router are turned on and on computer it says you are connected but still im not connected.i tried restarting all 3 things again and again but of no wan connection type is pppoe.

  30. i have installed tp link wr740 router at my home.but youtube video is not streaming on my mobile through wifi.i try it on my cell phone x3-02 and c6 but it is not streaming.streaming is working fine on my laptop.please help me out

  31. when i click on detect underneath step 5, it says i have a static ip, but your instructions say to change it to dynamic and select “renew”. when i select “renew” however all the numbers (i.p. address, subnet mask and default gateway) stay at 0. how can i fix this?

      1. i tried them both. i already said what happens when i try the dynamic, and when i try the static, the automatic easy help guide checks and says everything is okay yet there is a little yellow error triangle of death and despair over the wireless symbol and i have no connection

  32. yaar i am having a problem, when i am installing the router settings on my computer using the cd it gives an error when configuring router, the error comes in two points.
    1.please check the network connectivity.
    2.please check the router model.
    And these two thing are absolutely correct and when i open the router configuration i.p address on my browser it opens the router configuration but there are no options as per given by you!

  33. Any one tell me i have tp link router wr 741nd but they could not show wifi on mobiles whats the problem is when i open the browser and type they shows broad band router when i type user name or password both admin then they appear again same option help me

    1. Arman you just have to connect the incoming lan wire of the cable net to the router and configure the router by going in its settings.

      did you try calling their service center if it’s still not working?

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