10 things never to do on Facebook

Facebook has grown very rapidly over the past few years. The world’s no.1 social network is now an essential part of many people’s life, specially those who spend lot’s of their time online.

People share everything on social networks these days, including birthday, holidays or any other important event or occasions and use it to get in touch with their family, friends and loved ones. But with every thing there are some bad side effects too. Facebook has some pro’s and con’s associated with it too.

10 things never to do on Facebook

In this post we will be discussing 10 never to do things on Facebook to prevent any unwanted incidence from occurring while you use the popular social networking site.

1. Showing full birth date in your Facebook profile

Never leave your full birth date in your facebook profile if it’s public and you allow people who you don’t know personally to be in your friends list.

2. Using a weak password

Of course! one of the biggest issues! use a strong password. Don’t just go for simple ones for the ease of remembering them! make a strong one! something like you birthdate + your high school marks + your first crush’s name :)

3. Overlooking useful Facebook privacy controls

Although facebook needs to learn a lot and improve it’s features, they still provide you control over some useful privacy options (although not all). So make use of them and keep the publicly available information in your profile to minimum atleast!

4. Posting your child’s or relatives on Facebook

Avoid tagging or listing your minor’s and child’s in public forum and places. If some one else mentions it in caption or tag in any photo, remove it.

5. Mentioning that you will be away from home

Well, of course! you’re inviting thieves if you write that to your door, so Facebook wall is no less than that. Protect yourself and your property.

6. List your profile in search engines

Don’t let strangers find you from google or other search engines. Goto Facebook > Privacy controls > Search and select Only friends for facebook search results.

7. Permitting underage kids to use Facebook unsupervised

This one is self explanatory, never let minors to use the social network unsupervised!

8. Sharing out your secrets

Never expect that your secrets won’t reach those who you want to hide them from if you mention them on Facebook! hell no! never do that!

9. Trusting strangers

Never trust anyone, no matter how pleasant they may appear. Protect your privacy, password, phone number etc from anyone you don’t know and are not interested in. It’s not only that they maybe trapping you, it maybe someone you know and trying to check you! so be ware!

10. Making account at facebook

Na! just kidding :) make an account there if you want to, but don’t waste alot of time there and protect yourself and people around you.

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