Wireless vs wired keyboard

Deciding whether to go for a wireless keyboard or a wired one maybe easy for some people, but most need to have a look at pros and cons of both before deciding.

Wireless keyboards are being developed by alot of companies these days, with Apple being my personal favorite ofcourse! But let’s compare a few things between the wired keyboard and a wireless one.

Here we have a few points about wireless vs wired keyboards

Ease of use

With more companies creating the full sized keyboard with wireless functionality, it’s now possible to have the same experience of a wired keyboard, completely wireless. No hassle of wires and moving stuff while shifting the position around or from the computer. Specially if you like enjoying TV or movies on your screen or also if you have a bigger display and prefer sitting away from the screen (by the way, that will call for a wireless display . . . :P ).

Input Lag

That’s the major issue with the wireless keyboards! There can be delay in response after hitting the key. This delay in seeing the result on screen can be sometimes irritating and also counterproductive. This can be due to a poor wireless connection, bad interface or a poorly designed keyboard too. You may not notice the input lag usually while doing every day tasks like typing etc on computer, but in games, it can be very annoying.

Battery time

The great thing about wired keyboards is that they get the power from the computer and no batteries are needed to power and use them! However, with the wireless ones, you need to replace or recharge the batteries on regular basis. Some batteries don’t need to be replaced for months too however, but then, their cost adds up to meet the over time feature!

Different keys

Some companies like Apple don’t provide similar keyboards for wired and wireless use. So with different feature, the keyboard keys and thus usage can get affected.

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