Rubber keyboard

rubber keyboardBored of the traditional plastic keyboard, some people like trying the rubber keyboard asuuming them to be more comfortable to type, which in most cases is a wrong assumption.

Pros and Cons of Rubber keyboards

Although there are some benefits of these rubber keyboards such as being water proof, not easy to be broken and can fit in your small back or pocket by rolling them and above all, they look “Cool”

Well, on the other side, they have draw backs.

For example, if you type very fast, its hard to keep that pace on a flexible rubber keyboard for obvious reasons. It will slip off and give weird feeling while typing all the time.

Although some companies are developing really productive rubber keyboards but most are even harder to type on. Maybe better than common plastic keyboards, but not better than elegant apple or other similar keyboards.

How long Rubber keyboards have been developed?

Rubber keyboards are being developed for more than 4 years now but still all famous brands use the classical plastic keyboards due to their demand and durability.

Whats your experience with rubber keyboards? do you prefer them over your traditional plastic keyboard?

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